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Has the Church any marks by which it may be known?
The Church has four marks by which it may be known: it is one; it is holy; it is catholic; it is apostolic.
How is the Church one?
The Church is one because all its members agree in one faith, are all in one communion, and are all under one head.
How is the Church holy?
The Church is holy because its founder, Jesus Christ, is holy; because it teaches a holy doctrine, invites all to a holy life, and because of the eminent holiness of so many thousands of its children.
How is the Church catholic or universal?
The Church is catholic or universal because it subsists in all ages, teaches all nations, and maintains all truth.
How is the Church apostolic?
The Church is apostolic because it was founded by Christ on His Apostles and is governed by their lawful successors, and because it has never ceased, and never will cease, to teach their doctrine.
In which church are these attributes and marks found?
These attributes and marks are found in the Holy Roman Catholic Church alone.
From whom does the Church derive its undying life and infallible authority?
The Church derives its undying life and infallible authority from the Holy Ghost, the spirit of truth, who abides with it forever.
By whom is the Church made and kept One, Holy, and Catholic?
The Church is made and kept One, Holy, and Catholic by the Holy Ghost, the spirit of love and holiness, who unites and sanctifies its members throughout the world.
What is a pastor and what is his job?
Every pastor has a certain parish or territory in which all the people belong to his congregation. He has to take care only of these, to teach them, give them the Sacraments, etc.
Who does the bishop look after?
The bishop looks after a certain number of pastors
Who does the Archbishop look after?
An archbishop is over a certain number of bishops.
What is a primate?
A primate is head of all the archbishops in the country.
Who is over all the primates?
The Holy Father, the Pope, is over all the primates.
List the hierarchy of the Church in order from Pope to pastor.
the Pope
the Primates
the Archbishops
the Bishops
the Pastors
Subsists means to have existence.
The word catholic signifies universal.
In what two ways is the Church "One"?

In what three ways is the Church "Universal"?
~in time

~in place

~in doctrine
What does "universal in time" mean?
It is universal in time; for from the day Our Lord commissioned His Apostles to preach to the whole world down to the present, it has existed, taught, and labored in every age.
What does "universal in place" mean?
It is universal in place; that is, it is not confined to one part of the world, but teaches throughout the entire world.
What does "universal in doctrine" mean?
It is universal in doctrine, for it teaches the same doctrines and administers the same Sacraments everywhere; and its doctrines are suited to all classes of men--to the ignorant as well as the learned, to the poor as well as the rich.
How does the Church teach the universal doctrine?
It teaches by the voice of its priests and bishops, and all, civilized or uncivilized, to whom its voice reaches, can learn its doctrines, receive its Sacraments, and practice its devotions.
What does Apostolic mean?
"Apostolic" means that the Church was founded at the time of the Apostles, and has been the same ever since. The Church is apostolic in its origin or beginning. It is also apostolic in its teaching; for all the doctrines it teaches now were taught by the Apostles.
How many Popes has there been since Peter?
Does the Church make new doctrine?
The Church does not make new doctrines, but it teaches its truths more clearly and distinctly when someone denies them.
What is the Church government called?
This regular body of priests, bishops, archbishops, primates and the Pope, one superior to the other, is called the hierarchy of the Church.