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What is a predication?
A prediction is a hypothesis,an educated guess for the future.
What does air do when it is heated?
When air gets hot,it rises.
What does air do when it is cold?
When air is cold it falls.
Describe what you know about how tornados form.
Tornados form during a thunder storm over land when 2 air masses one hot one cold meet head on.
Describe what you know about how a hurricane forms.
A hurricane forms over warm water in low pressure.
What happens when air masses of of very different temperature and humidity conditions meet?
It makes hurricanes and tornados.
Do hurricanes and tornados have the same diameters?
Do hurricanes and tornados contain spiraling winds?
Where do hurricanes and tornados form?
Hurricanes form over warm water in low pressure.
Where does the energy from our weather come from?
The sun.
clouds form in low pressure conditions.
Tornados form in low pressure over warm water.
False,tornados form during a thunder storm on land when 2 air masses 1 cold 1 hot meet head on.
Clouds form in high pressure conditions.
False,clouds form in low pressure conditions.
Temperatures are cooler at higher altitudes.
Clouds contain condensed water vapor and dust.
Hurricanes form from thunder storms ,when 2 air masses of sharply different temperature and humidity meet,normally on land.
False,Hurricanes form in low pressure over warm water.
Water vapor rises with warm air.
When wator evaporates,it changes from liquid to gas.
The circulation of air or water that forms from uneven heating is --------------- current.
What weather conditions do EL NINO bring about?Name 5
Droughts ,floods warm water and warm air,famine,bush fires,hurricanes and tornados,land slides.
weather maps:
helps us know what the weather will be like for the day which prepares us for the day.
Sattalites and sattalite images:
Helps us see things that we cant see.
Dopplar Radar:
Shows us the velocity or range rate of something.
How does the Gulf Stream affect the weather in new england united dtates?
It makes it warmer there,because it brings in warm water and warm air.
Name the states in Tornado Valley.
Why do more tornados occur in tornado alley?
More tornados occur there because there the land is flat,which allows cold dry air from Canada to meet warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico,which causes tornados to form.
What does a meteorologist do?
They study the atmospere that focuses on weather processes,and forcasting.
Which is more dense?Hot air or cold air?
Cold air is because in cold air all the molecules inside it are together and not moving,where hot air is moving and expanded out.