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Triceps Brachii
Location: Bottom/back of arm. Underneath biceps brachii.

Action: Extends the forearm
Pectoralis Major
Location: Chest. Darker. Horizontal Striations. Ventral Side.

Action: Draws the forelimb toward the midline and turns the manus forward.
Pectoralis Minor
Location: Thinner and lighter. More angled striations. Ventral side.

Action: Draws the forelimb toward the midline.
Location: highest one, right up next to neck.

Action: Protraction of the humerus.
Location: Attaches to or covers the scapulae. Thin trapezoidal muscle.

Action: Adduct and stabilize the position of the scapulae
Location: Triangular muscle; extends all th eway down attach to scapular spine.

Action: Pulls the scapula dorsally and caudally.
Location: Dorsal side. highest up.

Action: Abduction of humerus. Helps with flexion and extension of humerus.
Location: small triangle muscle

Action: Abduction of humerus. Helps with flexion and extension of humerus.
Location: runs down bottom of triangle

Action: Abduction of humerus. Helps with flexion and extension of humerus.
Serratus Ventralis
Location: Muscles that run along rib cage. Underneath Latissimus Dorsi. Sectioned.

Action: Draws the scapula toward the thoracic wall and helps to support the scapula.
Location: (when cat claps) stringy muscles. run from bottom of scapula to vertebral column.

Action: Retraction and downward rotation of scapula
Rotator cuff group
Location: Above scapular spine.

Action: Protracts humerus
Rotator Cuff Group
Location: Below scapular spine.

Action: Rotates the humerus laterally.
Rotator Cuff Group
Location: Inside of cat clapping, along wall.

Action: Adducts the humerus
Latissimus Dorsi
Location: Flap, laterally.

Action: Pulls forelimb dorsocaudally
Biceps Brachii
Location: Pull back top, under deltoid muscle.

Action: stabilizes the shoulder joint.
Location: under big blue vain, between top of sternum and vein

Action: retracts the hyoi
Location: Gland on both sides of trachea, slender, bandlike muscle.

Action: retracts the larynx
Location: muscles that run from sternum to mastoid process, laterally.

Action: Flexion of head, turns the head
Location: From the vein upward to the chin

Action: Elevates the floor of the mouth
Location: Along the cheek

Action: Elevation of mandible
Location: on either side of mylohyoid, flaps of triangle

Action: Depresses the mandible.
External Abdominal Oblique
Location: Outer most layer (1st layer) on outside of rectus abdominis

Action: compresses the abdominal region
Internal Abdominal Oblique
Location: 2nd layer of obliques

Action: compresses the abdominal region
Transversus Abdominal Oblique
Location: 3rd layer of obliques

Action: Compresses the abdominal region
Rectus Abdominis
Location: Pin in the middle of stomach, covers most internal muscles, allows body to move in situp; all white

Action: Compresses the abdominal region, pulls sternum and ribs caudally causing flexion of the trunk
Tensor Fasciae Latae
Location: runs from hip all the way to knee

Action: tightens the fascia lata and helps to extend the shank
Gluteus Medius
Location: underneath maximus, looks like a butt

Action: Abducts thigh
Gluteus Maximus
Location: fairly thin one , on top, next to biceps femoris, flap

Action: Abducts the thigh
Biceps Femoris
Location: Dorsal; largest muscle on back of leg, below the tensor fasciae latae

Action: Abducts thigh and flexes shank
Location: Big thick one under gracilis

Action: Extends the thigh
Location: Thin one, underneath

Action: Flexes the shank
Location: Leg muscle flap, on top; ventral

Action: Adducts and rotates the femur, extends the shank
Location: Leg muscle flap, on bottom; ventral

Action: Adducts and retracts leg
Adductors (group)
Location: Underneath gracilis, inner thigh, kind of stringy

Action: Adducts thigh
Vastus Lateralis
Location: pull back sartorius, top edge

Action: Extends the shank
Vastus Medialis
Location: pull back sartorius, under edge

Action: Extends the shank
Vastus Intermedius
Location: underneath rectus and medialis, deepest of quad muscles

Action: extends the shaft
Rectus Femoris
Location: largest, in the middle, in between lateralis and medialis

Action: extends the shank
Location: Large muscle in the calf in the back

Action: Plantar flexion of the ankle
Tibialis Anterior
Location: front side of shin

Action: Dorsiflexion of ankle