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Levine's sign
Right fist over sternum indicating ischemic pain
Path of refered pain in MI
The sensory nerve fibers from the heart connective tissue and blood vessel walls travel through the cardiac plexus, sympathetic chain, and up to the dorsal roots and ganglia of spinal nerves T1-T4.
Battle's sign
Bruising over mastoid processes, indicates fracture to base of posterior skull
Basilar fine crackles
Originate at base of lung, "popping open" of small airways collapsed by fluid or lack of aeration. Fine means short and high pitched
Pansystolic murmur at apex
Mitral regurg
Muscle strength 3+
Against gravity but not resistance
ST segment elevation in leads II, III and AVF
ST depression in V1 V2 V3
Inferior wall transmural MI
LDL reference range?
Less than 130
Desired TC/HDL ratio?
Less than 5
Parasympathetic competitive inhibitor at the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor
ACE inhibitor