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George was born a slave
His mom was stolen
Was raised by Mr Carver the slave owner
He was raised to be thrifty
Made everything and didn't waste anything
Made own clothes, paints, belts, soaps
Taught himself
wasnt allowed to go to school because he was black
Taught him self how to read
Experimented with plant
Left home
Left home at 12 to go to school for black children
Paid for it himself by doing chores for people
Different school
Went to many different schools trying to learn as much as he could
Peanut crops
He taught poor people to grow peanut crops. The people was angry because they couldn't sell as much as the grew
300 things
George created 300 things out of peanuts and the shell: peanut butter, butter, oil, margarine, shoe polish, ink, paper, bricks
Invented the process of synthesis when he figured out that other things can be made out of the shell and nuts