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What systolic blood pressure parameter is the goal in a patient with an aortic aneurysm/dissection?
between 90 and 120 mmHg
In an aortic aneurysm/dissection with a systolic BP greater than 120 mmHg, what medication should be considered first?
What medication can be considered for patients with a SBP > 120 mmHg despite esmolol?
What is the dose of esmolol for a aortic aneurysm/dissection with a SBP > 120 mmHg?
500 mcg/kg bolus (given slowly)
Esmolol infusion (2500mg/25mL NS) to run at 50-200 mcg/kg/min
What is the dose of nipride for a aortic aneurysm/dissection with a SBP > 120 mmHg despite treatment with esmolol?
0.5 - 10 mcg/kg/min
What are the different blood pressure parameters to indicate a nicardipine drip in patients with a known sub-arachnoid hemorrhage or a known acute ischemic stoke?
MAP > 120 or
SBP > 160

SBP> 220 or
DBP >120
What is the dose of nicardipine for a known sub-arachnoid hemorrhage or a known acute ischemic stoke?
Nicardipine drip (25mg/250mL)
at 5 mg/hr to a max of 15 mg/hr
What is the CBG level to indicate possible treatment with D50?
80 mg/dL
What is the adult and pedi doses of anzemet?
Adult = 12.5 mg IVP or IM
Pedi (less than 2 years)= 0.35 mg/kg
What is the adult and pedi doses of ondansetron?
IVP over 2-5 minutes

Adult = 4 mg
Pedi (less than 40 kg) = 0.1mg/kg
What is the morphine dosing for pain?
2-5mg IVP q 5 min to a max of 20 mg in an hour
What is the fentanyl dosing for pain?
1 - 2 mcg/kg (max single dose of 100 mcg) may repeat again in 15 minutes
What is the adult and pedi ativan dose for seizures?
Adult = 1-2 mg may repeat every 2 minutes to a max of 10 mg

Pedi = 0.05 mg/kg may repeat every 5 minutes X 3
What are the drugs and dosing for rapid tranquilization of the agressive patient?
Haldol 5mg with Ativan 2 mg
- may repeat haldol every 5 minutes to a total of 20mg over 15 minutes
- may repeat ativan with every other haldol
What drug should be given (and at what dose) for septic shock unresposive to 20ml/kg fluid bolus?
Norepinephrine drip (4mg/250mL NS) at 0.5-1 mcg/min titrate to a total of 15 mcg/min over 30 minutes
What is the NTG drip dosing for Chest Pain / Angina / AMI?
NTG drip (50 mg / 250 mL)
start at 5-10 mcg/min and increase by 10 mcg/min
For CHF / Pulmonary edema, what is the captopril dose?
25 mg SL X 1 if SBP > 90 mmHg and no right ventricular infarct
What is the pedi morphine dose for pain management in burns?
0.1-0.2 mg/kg
What is the magnesium dosing in pre-eclampsia/PIH and eclampsia?
Mix 40 grams in 1000 mL LR
loading dose of 6 grams (150ml)
then 2-4 grams/hr (50-100mL/hr)
What are the next two medications (in order) for pre-eclampsia/PIH and eclampsia refractory to magnesium?
Apresoline if still refractory