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Eleanor loves to spend time with her family. In class, she enjoys taking leadership roles, and her friends say she can make a friend out of a complete stranger in 10 mins. It is clear that Eleanor's intrests fall into the _ category.
An attitude can be defined as _.
a general outlook on life
Although Alex found playing the saxophone very difficult when she first began 5 years ago, she is now quite good. For alex playing the saxophone is a _.
Shawn is a wounderful cook. He can make delicious meals and snacks without looking at a recipe. For Shawn, cooking is a _.
Someone with a naturalistic learning style might enjoy a career as a _.
Jessica enjoys competitive sports. She has enormous energy and is always at the center of a lively group of teenagers. Competitive, energetic, and a lively describe Jessica's_.
Many clothing items you buy have labels telling that the item made in America from materials that were manufactured in other countries. When businesses hire workers in several countries to make products, the businesses are contributing to_.
the global economy
Rasheed is a college student who also works as a food server at the school's cafeteria. For Rasheed, working as a food server is most likely a _.
The realtors at Mi Casa realty company love helping people buy and sell homes. None of the realtors, however, enjoy doing the accounting work that the company requires, so the realty company has hired as accounting firm to do the necessary billing and tax preparation. Mi Casa's Hiring of another firm is an example of_.
Javier wants to become a lawyer. To learn about a lawyer's responcibilities and daily routine, Javier spent a week last summer observing his cousin Cheryl as she worked in her law firm. Javier's observation of Cheryl's work life can also be called _.
job shadowing
Which publication provides general information about hundreds of careers, including what workers do in each career, what education and training workers need in each career, and predictions about the future of those careers?
Occupational Outlook Handbook
A short, informal talk with someone in a career that intrests you is called a(n)_.
exploratory interview
Jason is the foreman on an Oklahoma cattle ranch. Into which of the following career clusters does Jason's job fall?
Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
WHen you collect as much information as you can about a career, then write what you like and dislike about the career, you are creating a(n)_.
career critique
Kaya works for the Closet Organization, a company that designs and installs closet and cabinets. Into what career cluster does Kaya's job fall?
Architecture and Construction
What must a person do after he or she has made a decision?
make an action plan
Amahl is considering which career he would like to enter. He has just completed a description of his ideal lifestyle, including the place he'd like to live and the type of after-work activities he'd like to do. Which step in the decision-making process has Amahl just completed?
identify needs and wants
An alternative course of action is a(n) _.
backup plan
favorite activity
Learning by working with colors and pictures
visual/spatial style
a person's ability to do something he or she has learned.
using communication technology in order to work at home for a company.
The need for workers and the kinds of work availble to them.
job market
All the world's economies and how they are linked.
global economy
Describes a job requiring at least 40hrs per week.
a workplace trend.
buying and selling of goods and services via the Internet.
Items that people buy.
To gather information about a subject.
Interest area that includes activities such as problem solving and experimenting.
a group of careers with similar job characteristics.
career cluster
to preform work without receiving payment.
a possible choice
to choose to take a particular action
objects, ideas, or situations that prevent progress.
To study all aspects of something.
To judge the importance of something
Being able or willing to change in order to suit defferent conditions.
The order in which things will happen
chronological order
lasting for a limited period of time.
to order according to importance.
an obligation or duty that may affect a career plan.
personal responsibility
Acording to the textbook, between 2000 and 2010, which type of jobs will grow fastest?
jobs requiring a college degree
Ellen works as a legal secretary four morning hours each weekday. It is work for which she is paid as hourly wage. In the weekday afternoons and all day saturday, Ellen goes to law school to become an attorney. Whcih of the following best describes Ellen's legal secretary position?
Its a part-time job
According to the textbook, the surest way to achieve a goal is_
to follow a plan.
To _ can be defined as "to put off doing something because of laziness or a lack of desire."
Which of the following is usually the first step in a career plan?
receiving education and training
Nicolette wants to be a master carpenter. For the next two years, Nicolette will work for Emil, a master carpenter, who will pay her a small salary and give her experience and guidance. What education and training option does Nicolette's job represent?
Max wants to be a biologist someday. Which class in Jr high and high school will provide the best preparation for Max's career goal?
Lola wants to be an astronaut. To help pay for her college expenses, Lola works two days each week as a tour guide for her city's Air and Space Museum. She teaches tour groups about the airplanesand rockets on display at the museum. Lola's work can be described as a(n)_.
temporary job.
A collection of information and work samples to show your skills and qualifications to an employer.
personal career Portfolio
Someone to whom you are directed by someone in your network.
Friends and acquaintances who may have job information.
contact list
An event where employers offer career and employment information.
career fair
A form that asks about your skills, work experience, education, and intrests.
job application
A person or business that pays a person to work.
Tests given to a job seeker by an employer to find out if the job seeker fits the job.
pre-employment tests
Tells prospective employer that an item on an application does not apply to the applicant.
A good way to remind the interviewer about your enthusiasm for the job.
thank-you note
People who will recommend you to an employer.
A formal meeting about a job between a job seeker and an employer.
Communicating with people you know or can get to know.
A letter explaining who you are and why you're sending a resume.
cover letter
a resume that highlights a person's skills and accomplishments.
skills resume
A computer program that can store, sort, and organize data.
the gestures, posture, and eye contact you use to express yourself.
body language
A Document that describes your education, skills, work experience, activities, and intrests.
Which part of the job application process offers you the best opportunity to sell yourself?
the interview
The newspaper section in which job openings are listed is called the _.
classified section.
Carol is looking for a job as a nurse. She has never had a paid job as a nurse, so on her resume she lists her education and training, as well as the abilities she has learned in school and in her volunteer nursing work. Which of the following best describes the format of Carol's resume?
The proper length for a resume is
one page
A resume that is formatted so it can be sent by e-mail is known as a(n)
personal career portfolio
Sometimes a reference will supply you with a letter of support that is known as a
letter of recommendation
Many job seekers applying for secretarial or data-entry positions must prove their skills by passing a typing test, which is a common
pre-employment test.
Why does the textbook recommend that you rehearse before an interview?
to help you be more relaxed and confident
Tyrone is interviewing for a part-time position in a real estate office. What should he wear to the interview?
business attire
What does a smile and a strong handshake say about a prospective employee?
that you are pleasant and confident
A good way to show you are paying attention to what an interviewer is saying is to
sit up straight and nod your head occasionally
According to the textbook, what is the best way to find a job?
Why should you research a company where you might want to work?
to help decide whether the job is right for you
What does the textbook say is the key to a successful job search?
being organized
The lowest amount of money that can legally be paid for an hour's work.
minimum wage
Someone who receives payment for working for a person or business.
a fixed amount of money paid for an hour of work
ability and desire to complete necessary tasks without being asked or told to do them
someone who works with you at the the same business or in the the same office.
Rules of behavior that govern a group or society.
a fixed amount of money paid for work done during a certian period of time, such a as a year.
a mental, physical, or behavioral impairment
willingness to accept and complete a task.
A person who oversees the work of others.
Arleta works in a grocery store bagging customers'purchases. She usually earns $8 an hour. but when she works more than 40 hrs in one week, she earns $12 for every hr over the 40-hr minimum. The $12 rate is
Many new employees of a company attend a meeting to learn the company's way of doing things. This meeting is usually called a(n)
To treat a worker differently because of the worker's race, age, appearance, or gender is to _ that worker.
discriminate against
As a teller in a local bank, Antonio is entrusted with large sums of money and much information about client's bank accounts. Antonio's employer expects him to _, which means they expect him to be honest, respect others' privacy and property, and act fairly.
follow business etiquette
To work with others on a job to research a common goal is to
Darwin works full-time for the Multiplex Company. He also attends college, working to earn his bachelor's degree. The company is paying all of Darwin's college costs. Clearly, one of the benifits of working for the Multiplex Company is
education assistance
work done with a group of people to set goals and assign tasks
team planning
someone who helps oppsing sides reach agreement or compromise
Recognition and regard for one's own abilities.
unfair evaluation based on suspicion or ignorance.
to evaluate or judge.
group members who work together for a common goal or purpose.
Many businesses encourage their employees to work in teams because
teams can accomplish more than the same people working separately
according to the textbook, the key to getting along with people is
showing respect
Winston and Brian, who are partners in a lawn-mowing business, are angry with eachother. Winston missed a 10 mettng with a prospective client because Brian accidently told him the meeting was at 11. Which of the following describes the cause of Winston and Brian's conflict?
At the conclusion of a team project, each team member can check his or her work by king questions such as "how well did i do my job?" and "How well did the team work together?" These questions are part of a process called
One way to avoid conflict when working in teams is to avoid _, or a negative attitude toward a person or group that is not based on facts or reason.
When someone feels accomplishment and satisfaction from being directly responsible for his or her work decisions, that person feels
To let other people know you're intrested in tem and their opinions, it is especially important to
listen when others talk
One characteristic of an effective team member is the ability to _, or see things from the other person's point of view.
The main topic or key idea of a speech or document
The general goal or reason for doing something
You can improve your oral presentations and have a better understanding of your audience if you
plan what your going to say
what does an average employee spend more than half of each work day doing?
Speaking, listening, reading, and writing are examples of
communication skills
The study of how the body uses food
a chemical element found in food that the body needs for growth and maintenance.
the indigestible part of plant foods.
Someone who chooses not to eat some or all animal foods
A waxy substance found in foods from animal sources
Having added nutrients to replace those lost during processing
term used to describe food products that contain added nutrients.
Reference amounts of nutrients used on food labels
Daily Values
A unit used to measure food energy
Good sources of _ include grains, vegetables, and fruits.
_and _ are needed for building healthy bones and teeth.
Calcium; phosphorous
The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend choosing a variety of _ and _
fruits; vegetables
to lose weight, either _ calories or _ acrtivity.
decrease; increase
Periods of rapid growth require _ calories than do periods of slow growth.
the way for children to meet their nutrient needs is to _ eat 3 large meals
teens and adults _ have the same amout of calorie neeeds
a function of nutrients
starchy foods provide more vitamins and minerals than do sugars
Plant sources of protien _ include orange and leafy green vegetables.
do not
the food pyramid recomends _ number of servings
not single
Nutrition labels lists number of calories contributed by fat, carbohydrate, and protein. t or f.
a set of directions for preparing a food item
One of several food items needed to make a recipe
the number of servings a recipe makes.
Snacking is _ part of a nutritious diet for all ages.
peeling and discarding the edible exterior of fruits and vegetables is _.
not recommended
foods like _ and _ cant be part of a well-balanced diet.
chips; candy bars
_ increases the chance of having well-balanced meals.
The principles of Food Guide Pyramid and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans _ be applied to food eaten away from home.
Its _ to find foods that fit into a well-balanced diet at cafeterias and buffets.
Homemakers _ get the most from their time, money, and energy resources.
safety and sanitation rules should be learned _ mastering food preparation techniques.
entree portions in a full- service restaurant usally are _.
Food should not be left out at room temperature over _ hours.
It is SAFE/ NOT SAFE to eat foods out of cans that are bulging or leaking.
not safe
Wash cutting boards after each use to prevent the spread _.
Wear _ if you have an open cut or sore on your hand.
When cooking on the range, turn pan handles to the _ or side to prevent the pans from being knocked off the range.
Use thick, dry _ when handling hot objects.
When lifting the lid from a pan, tip the lid _ you allow the steam to escape.
Use a _ spoon to stir hot mixtures.
To take a hot dish out of the oven pull out the _.
Use a _ on the table when chopping or slicing food.
Cutting board
Never place _ on a grease fire.
Dry your hands before touching an _ appliance.
When unplugging an electrical appliance pull on the _.
When using an electric mixer, insert the beaters BEFORE/AFTER putting the plug in the outlet.
Keep a _ in the kitchen and know how to use it if there is a fire.
fire estinguisher
Keep the cabinet doors and drawers CLOSED/OPEN when not in use.
If you spill something on the counter or floor, _ immediately.
If you break a glass, clean up the tiny pieces with _.
damp paper towels
To cook with dry heat, usually in an oven
To heat a liquid untill bubbles rise constantly to the surface
To cook by direct heat, an in a broiler
To cook in a small amount of fat
to cook in liquid that is just below the boiling point
To cook over boiling water
To blend ingredients until soft and smooth
to combine shortening and dry ingredients with a pastry blender or two knives
cut in
To press and fold dough with the hands untill smooth
to soak food in a sauce before cooking to make it more tender or more flavorful
to bring a heating unitl to a certin temp. before using it
to add salt, pepper, herbs, and other seasonings to a food
teaspoons = _ tablespoons
16 tablespoons=_ cup
2 cups=_pint
4 quarts= _ gallon
2 pints= _ quart
Brown sugar, powered sugar, and flour _ be packed down into the measuring cup before measuring.
liquid measuring cups should be _ and veiwed at eye level to measure.
on the table
Dry ingredients in dry measuring cups should be level off with a _ to measure the exact amount.
the size of measuring spoons are: _, _,_ and _.
1 tablespoon; 1/2 tablespoon; 1/3 tablespoon; 1/4 tablespoon