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Demonstrate an understanding of the golf industry job market in the new millenium.
- 78% of golf courses have a PGA pro
- There are more golf pro's then job openings in the current market.
Are employers allowed to ask personal questions during an interview?
Which are easier to negotiate: fringe benefits or hard money?
Hard Money
Describe the components of an effective coverletters
return address, date, address, addressee, salutation, body, complimentary closing, and signature line
Demonstrate an understanding of the practical strategies needed to negotiate a suitable salary and compensation package
1. build trust and share information
2. ask questions
3. give something away
4. search for post settlement
5. search for the novel solution
Describe the major components of an employment agreement or contract (name 10)
terms of agreement, compensation requirements, benefits, incentives, concessions, job description and duties, vacation, employer responsibilities, hours of operations, lessons & clinics, reimbursement, off-season, merchandise buy-out clause, organization and reporting, annual performance reviews, termination & cancellation,
employee vs. independent contractor, what consistutes breach of contract, arbitration, notice provisions
Describe the Federal Labor Standards Act of 1938
-work week is 40 hours
-minimum age is 14
-minimum wage is 5.15
-no such thing as volunteer time
-overtime pay requirements
-exemption status
Describe the three types of resumse
Chronological- most recent position first
Functional-focuses on skills, expertise, abilities, and accomplishments
Combination- combo. of chronological and functional.
Describe the bottom line approach when determining your salary requirements
desired net income $50,000
+ payroll and general expenses $102,000
total gross revenue needed $152,000
minus projected revenue $132,000
equals $20,000

the $20,000 is the bottom line figure
Describe the four steps to take before the interview
1. research facility
2. research interviewer
3. prepare
4. plan your appearance
Describe the Civil Rights Legislation
Civil Rights Act of 1964 created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)