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What is the purpose of a Career Development Board (CDB)?
provides all enlisted Sailors the opportunity for optimal development of their professional skills, both military and technical, thereby enhancing unit readiness, individual upwoard mobility, job satisfaction and ultimately the retention of better-qualified Sailors.
Who is on a Permanent command level CDB?
CMC, CCC, and ESO; augmented by department CDB members and as directed.
Who is on a Department level CDB?
LCPO, LPO, and department career counselor
What are the general topics discussed at a CDB?
Rating/"A" school selection; warfare quals; PQS; military training; voluntary education and GED completion; Officer programs; and advancement
Who is responsible for maintaining minutes of every CBD for 2 years?
CCC/Department Career Counselor
When will command level CDB's see first enlistment sailors?
within 30 days of reporting; drilling reservists will be seen within the first 3 drill weekends.
What reasons/requests will candidates appear before a CBD for?
Advancement examination PNA(x3), standard score of 40 or below, selection board not eligible, and examination failures; non-select for E7/E8/E9; microfiche records review for E-7/8/9 selection board candidates; Sailors 24 months prior to HYT an dthose requiesting HYT waivers; striking for a rating; class "A" school requests; rating conversion/reversion requests; perform to serve; commissioning program applications; sailor recommended by Department CDB; Sailors may attend for other reasons and upon members requests.
True or False: Department level CDB will see all Sailors on second or subsequent enlistment within 60 days of reporting.