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side effects
reactions to a medicine other than those intended
Examples of protective clothing include
hard hats
a physical or mental need for a substance
Drug tests are used to
reveal the presence of drugs in a person's body
a substance other than food that changes the structure or function of the body or mind
Every year, substance abuse in the workplace costs about
$140 billion
A drug that is produced by a chemical reaction in some foods and has powerful effects on the body.
A true statement about alcoholism
It is an addiction, it is a disease, it involes a physical and mental need.(all of the above)
Using tobacco increases your chance of getting
heart disease, lung disease, cancere of the mouth(all of the above)
Workers who are substance abusers
are often late or absent
Using illegal drugs at work
can lead to serious injuries
When people around you smoke, you suffer from
second hand smoke
Substance use
use of any substance for its intended purpose
For employers, the results of accidents at work include
increased medical payments, increased insurance payments, lost production time(all of the above)
A controlled substance is a substance..............
whose use is limited by law
a program to help identify and correct employees' substance abuse problems
Maintaining a safe work envionment is the responsibility of
both employer and employees
Peer pressure
pressure from friends to do something
Substance misuse
use of any substance in a way other than its intended use
Substance abuse
any use of an illegal substance and excessive use of any other controlled substance