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a means of buying in advance
Charge cards are different than credit cards; with a charge card you
must pay the entire balance every month
money paid to you for allowing a bank or a savings and loan to use your money
Your W-2 form should be sent to you by........
your employer
How long and how steadily you have worked is a good way to establish.........
a credit rating
your endorsement will not appear on your...........
check stub
an amount remaining after a withdrawal or payment, as in a checking account
Once you have a checking account, you should record any checks you write and any depsits you make in your......
check register
to sign your name on the back of a check to identify yourself to the bank
The name of your bank will not appear on your.........
A car payment is an example of............
fixed expense
machine to get money at the bank
When you buy a big item, such as a house or a car you are most likely to use
installment credit
Skilled shoppers try to
compare prices and services
a spending plan that helps people manage their money
money taken out for taxes, social security, and insurance
net pay
take-home pay
social security
a fund that pays benefits to disabled workers and retired people
gross pay
total amount of earnings
income taxes
money pid from the income of workers to support the government