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Semantic Mapping
Helps students identify improtant ideas and how these ideas fit together.
A different outline.
core concept - in the middle
strand - subordinate idea that helps explain or clarify the main concept.
Support details - Inferences and generalyizatiion that are related to each strand.
Context clues
or - definition in the sentence
like - synonym
but - antonym
such as - examples
Mood - Metaphors to pint a picture of a setting or mood.
State of being knowledgeable of how you learn
3 Elements
Develope a plan
Monitoring - How am I doing
Evaluating - How well did i do
How can you self regulate and monitor you own comprehension
Selective underlining vocabulary
Appropriate level text, graphic organizers, KWL
Ways to connect prior knowledge with new information
CRISS strategies - Learn how to learn, Creating independence thru student owned strategies.
Has to do with prior knowledge. When learn something new, you connect it with existing schema.
Context cues
Vocabulary should be taught in context.
Word sorts
list of words, sort them. categories or groups
Semantic Feature Analysis
Uses a grid.
Venn Diagrams
Good for comparing and contrasting.
Yopp-Singer Test
measures a child's ability to separately articulate the sounds of a spoken word in order.
Running records
A guided reading assessment.
Woodcock Reading
Standardized individual testing.
Creating Independence thru Student owned Strategies
Power notes with underlining
Concept mapping
Read and say something
Character mapping
Venn diagrams
Story plans
Study cards