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functions of the cardiovascular system
~transport life-supporting oxygen and nutrients to cells
~help remove metabolic waste products
~carry hormones from one part of the body to another
the heart is surrounded by
~the pericardial sac
pericardial sac consists of 2 layers
~visceral (inner)
~parietal (outer)
the heart wall has 3 layers
~epicardium (outer)
~myocardium (middle)
~endocardium (inner)
the heart has 4 valves
~right side: tricuspid & pulmonic semilunar
~left side: mitral & aortic
AV valves
~prevent backflow of blood into atria when the muscles contract
semilunar valves
~prevent backflow of blood into the ventricles during diastole
SA node
cardiac output
~total amt of blood ejected from a ventricle per min
~pulm artery carries deoxy blood to lungs
~connect arteries to capillaries
~smaller artery branches
~join arterioles to venules
~nutrients and wastes are exchanged
~connect capillaries to veins
~smaller vein branches
~pulm vein carry oxy blood to L atrium
~noninvasive test
~measures electrical activity of the heart
holter monitor
~ambulatory ECG
~records the heart's electrical activity
~keep activity diary
~no showers, microwaves, or elec shaver
~echoes from sound waves used to visualize intracardiac structures
~monitor direction of blood flow
chest x-ray
~determine size and position of the heart
~check 4 fluid in the lungs
~hold breath during test
~remove all jewelry
~dye injected to allow visualization of the veins
~informed consent
~allergies to seafood
~check injection site
pulse oximetry
~infared light to measure arterial oxygen saturation in the blood
~attach sensor to fingertip, earlobe, bridge of nose, or toe
troponin level
~incr first 2hrs to see if pt had MI
~incr all the time
~shows ischemia in heart
Coronary Arterial Bypass Graft
~occlusion of heart
~bypasses occlusion
~coronary art has clot; instill dye, outline chambers, see clot
~takes leg/mamamary veins
~veins only
~R=venous/vena cava
nonmodifiable risk factors
modifiable risk factors