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What is the trade name for diltiazem?
Cardizem - anti anginal
memory aid - both end in zem
think Dealt them cards
What is the trade name for nifedipine?
Procardia -
memory aid - knife dipping in the Professional card sharks back
What are the trade names for verapimil
Isoptin + Calan (anti anginal)
Memory aid - VERA Probably is an ISOlated girl so VERA CAlls Ann
What do beta blockers do?
Treat angina, tachycardia, prevent migranes, help manage symptoms of anxiety
propanolol's trade name is?
memory aid
PROfessionals prepare in INDex
isobride dinitrate's trade name is?
Isordil (anti anginal)
memory aid
I forbid dinnertrays from leaving the unit
What are side effects of anti anginals?
ALl can cause drop in BP and pulse, headache, flushing of skin may be seen
Trade names for NTG?
Nitro bid, transderm, Nitrol ointment
coronary vasodilator
Nursing interventions NTG
Monitor BP & Pulse hold < 100 systolic or pulse < 60
wear gloves rotate sites, give sl 3 times no relief call MD
What drug has to be protected from light and air? Remove cotton recap tightly, discard after 6 mos
What is the trade name for atenolol? (ends in olol)
Tenormin - beta blocker
memory aid the TENOR ATTEnds the Opera
What is the trade name for metoprolol tartarate?
Lopressor - beta blocker anti hypertensive -
memory aid - METROPol police Track eLOPers
WHat is the common name for Normodyne?
labetolol hcl - beta blocker - anti hypertensive
memory aid - NORMa Jean's LABEled as a Ho
What are major side effects of beta blockers?
Decreased bp, pulse, dizziness, diarrhea, insomnia, dec. sex drive
Warning to patient re: betablockers?
Do not stop abruptly as acute heart failure can occur