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Dressler syndrome
post CABG post cardioectomy pericarditis
Worse lying down better sitting up, rub
left ventricular dysfunction and hypertension
concentric hypertrophy
dyspnea on exertion
treat with b blocker to improve relaxation allow better filling
equivalent right atrium, right ventricle and pulm wedge pressure
low blood pressure
cardiac tamponade
180-300 bpm
tolerated well in kids
suggest underlying anomoly
Epstein and WPW
revert by dunking head in cold water
infant with no murmor,
precordial hyperactivity
loud second heart sound
grey or cyanotic
hypoplastic left heart
underdevelopmentof left cardiac chamber
atresia or stenosis of aortic or mitral orifices
hypoplasia of aorta
left atrium and ventricle endocardial fibroelastosis.
patent foramen ovale
dilated hypertropic right ventricle
right ventricular infarct
vs cardiac tamponade
clear lungs
absence of pulsus paradoxus in Right vent infact
lupus, contraceptive use
upper extremity weakness
CT with infact of anterior and posterior frontal lobes
parietyal lobes extending to white matter
dural sinus thrombosis
superior sagitall sinus
test for aniphospholipid antibody
get cerebral venography
apical heave
thrill at second left intercostal space
loud systolic diastolic rasping murmur left sternal boarder
hyerdynamic left ventricle abn flow
prominence of pulmonary artery
increased pumonary vascular markings
wide pulse pressure
bounding arterial pulses
apical heave
patent ductus arteriosus
failure of closure of the ductus arteriosis postnatally.
pulsus paradoxus,
electrical alternans in pt with breast cancer
pericardial effusion
right ventricular collapse
treat pericardiocentesis
purpura, cytopenia, hemolytic anemia, neurologic signs, renal insufficiency, fever