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How do you Dx acute rheumatic fever
presence of 2 major or 1 major and 2 minor criteria
name the major criteria
J- Migratory Polyarthritis
O- Carditis
N- SubQ Nodules
E-Erythema marginatum
S-Sydenham's chorea
what is the Minor criteria
fever, polyarthralgias, >ESR, reversible prolonged PR interval
what is Erythema marginatum
rapidly enlarging macules, ring or crescent shaped with clear center
Tx of rheumatic fever
salicylates-relieve joint and fever
Penecillin-1.2 mil units once IM to fight strep
Corticosteroids-improves joint symptoms
what is rheumatic fever
systemic immune response following a B-hemolytic strep infection
usually 2-3 wks after infection
common valves affected by rheumatic fever
mitral valve 75-80% of cases
aortic valve 30% of cases
Peak incidence of rheumatic fever?
between 5 and 15 y/o
method of prophylaxix of rheumatic heart disease
Penecillin 1.2 million units once a month
If allergic to PCN, give erythromycin
how does rheumatic heart disease affect the valves
Stenosis and insufficiency results; produces rigid and deformed valve cusps and shortening and fusion of the chordae tendineae
the 4 signs of strep infection
Centor Criteria

exudative pharyngitis
absence of cough