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definition of Myocarditis
an inflammatory condition of the heart from multiple etiologies
when does Myocarditis usually present?
Usually days to weeks p viral URI
MCC of Myocarditis
Coxsackie virus but
Drugs/Toxins/ Radiation can also cause
Ventricular ectopy may be initial and only clinical finding of this
test to confirm Myocarditis
Development of carditis a few weeks after an MI is this syndrome
Dressler's Syndrome
when you hear Chaga’s disease
what condition do you think of?
Microbial infection of heart valves is called
High risk groups for acute endocarditis
IV drug abusers
Post-open heart surgery
Alcohol abusers
Infected shunts/IV lines

Common pathogens: staph, candida, aspergillus, coliform
2 forms of arteriosclerosis
Fatty streaks, fibrous plaque, complicated lesion

arteriol-sclerosis, focal calcification of media
what happens in a "false" aortic aneurysm?
only the adventitia bulges out; in a "true" all 3 layers are affected
MC site of AAA
just below the renal arteries
type of aortic aneurysm that may occur as consequence of deceleration injury
descending aortic aneurysm; tears at ligamentum arteriousus site; this is the 2nd most common
this aortic aneurysm is secondary to Marfan’s, hypertension, aging
Ascending Aortic Aneurysm
MC aortic dissection site
Ascending aorta
what do you think when you see severe HTN in pt c shock
aortic dissection until proven otherwise
Causes of Aneurysms
Connective tissue disorders
Marfan’s, Ehlers-Danlos
Infection (Syphilis) ,
Arteritis (Takayasu),
disease related to smoking: inflammation of the vessels, cold sensitivity and has a triaphasic color scheme disease related to smoking
Buerger’s Disease
type of vasospastic disorder that causes cold hypersensitivity
Raynaud's phenomenon
a disorder in which blood vessels are constricted
Livedo reticularis
What is the main cause of cardiac tamponade?
Recent episode of pericarditis
Beck's Triad symptoms associated with Tamponade
JVD, hypotension, muffled heart sounds
high risk groups for Acute Bacterial endocarditis
Iv Drug users, s/p open heart surgery, alcoholics,, and infected IV lines
high risk group for Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis
Rheumatic heart disease or congenital heart disease, s/p dental procedures in pt with gingival disease
Pt presentation for Acute Baterial Endocarditis
ABRUPT ONSET, s/p infection(cellulitis or abscess), MOST COMMON is fever and chills, petechiae, embolic phenomenon ( retinal flame shaped hemorrhages and subcutaneous lesions( jane way, osler nodes, Roth spots
pt presentation for subacute bacterial endocarditis
Pts appear chronically ill
More insidious, with prolonged weakness, low fever, anorexia with wt. loss, neurological signs of paralysis, pulmonary emboli, and blindness, peripheral signs of small emboli
the Duke model is used to Dx this condition
MCC of Bacterial Endocarditis
Strep, then Staph
Dose to prophylax against SBE
Amoxicillin 2gms orally 1 hour prior to procedure
3/4 of all aneurysms are found here
Abdominal aorta
List of Aortic aneurysms from most common to least common
Intima disruption, blood enters the walls and seperates the layers creating a false lumen is called what?
Aortic dissection
causes are HTN, Marfan's, medial necrosis
Pt presents with abrupt onset of severe ripping back pain. What do you think?
Ascending aortic dissection
Sudden chest and back pain between the scapula radiating to the front of the chest. What do you think of?
Descending aortic aneurysm
Abdominal Pain, hypotension, and a pulsatile abdominal mass is the triad for?
symptoms normally seen in a pt with aortic occlusion
buttock pain
pulseless diseases; affects teens and 20 y/o; autoimmune panarteritis
Takayasu's aortitis
MCC of aortitis?
Name the 6 P's associated with acute ischemia
This commonly affects young females (teens and young women)
“triphasic” color response: white, blue, red
Cold sensitivity of Raynaud's type