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When is a permanent pacemaker indicated?
Asymp. =
2nd Degree Mobitz II AV Block(block below the AV node
3rd Degree AV block with wide QRS(suggests block is below the AV node)
Symptomatic =
Any bradycardia--sinus bradycardia, 2nd degree AV block of any type, and 3rd degree AV block of any type
Should bradycardias always get a pacemaker?
No--they don't all need them, but even some asymptomatic ones require
What are the two scenarios that require an ICD?
2ndary prophylaxis--patients who have already had an episode of symptomatic ventricular arrhythmia
Primary prophylaxis--patients at high risk for SCD but haven't had an arrhythmia
What kinds of patients need Secondary prophylaxis?
Those who have been resuscitated from cardiac arrest due to VF or VT or those that have had symptomatic VT with underlying heart disease
What kinds of patients need Primary prophylaxis?
Those who have a LV EF less than 35% and those who have other syndromes that put them at high risk
Who are NOT candidates for ICD's?
Severe psychiatric disorder patients or those with a terminal illness OR those with VT/VF that can be reversed
What are the requirements for CRT devices?
NYHA Class III or IV despite therapy
LVEF < 35%
QRS duration > 120 ms usually with a LBBB
True/False: Pacemakers can correct tachycardia
FALSE--only bradycardia
True/False: CRT is used for pacing of bradycardia.
False--it is for synchronization of the contraction of the ventricles
Mixed acting
Indirect and direct partial agonist activity against A1,2/B1,2
ASE: Hypertension, insomnia, and tachyphylaxis
What does the Gq messenger do?
Increase messenger IP3 and DAG
What does beta receptor coupled to Gs stimulation ultimately do?
Activates ATP to cAMP(its 2ndary messenger) that activates calcium channels and induces calcium release
What happens when you add Ach after a Beta stimulator?
It suppresses the activity of the beta stimulator through its Gi action
What are some metabolic effects of the sympathetic nervous system?
Skeletal muscle--beta receptor increases blood lactic acid and stimulates Na/K ATPase which causes K uptake into cells
Hepatic alpha receptors release potassium from the liver