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What is the relation between calcium and QT length?
inverse relation
What medications might be given for long QT?
antihistamines like cetirizine
magnesium (2g bolus, then 2-4 mg/min)
What effect does digoxin on PR and QT?
lengthens PR
shortens QT
A long QT patient has a heart rate > 150. What is treatment?
cardiovert the patient if HR is > 150, or pt is unstable
--then, Mg 2g followed by 2-4mg/min
--transvenous pacing
What is the effect of quinidine on QT?
A pt has cirrhosis which is causing portal HTN. What is first line treatment?
amlodipine for portal HTN
spironolactone if HTN leads to hyperaldosteronism.
What are the first line meds for diastolic heart failure?
ACEI, then BB and CCB

no diuretics!
What are the first line meds for systolic heart failure?
ACEI, diuretics

no CCBS except amlodipine
First line HTN tx for pt with COPD

no BB (bronchospasm)
What is the med tx for Prinzmetal's angina?
CCBs (verapamil, diltiazemA)
Piss for SYStolic.

Diuretics are used for systolic heart failure but not diastolic.

The other main med for systolic HF is ACEIs.
A pt has COPD and hypertension. What hypertension meds should be prescribed? Avoided?
ACEIs first; avoid BBs because of bronchospasm.
Standing make the murmur of AS and MR [earlier, later].

Standing reduces preload
Standing make the murmur of AS and MR [louder, softer].
Valsalva makes the murmur of AS and MR [earlier, later].

Valsalva reduces preload
Squatting makes AS and MR [ealier, later].

Squatting increases both preload and afterload, tensing chordae and making click delayed.
Squatting makes MVP [louder, softer].
MVP volume is not affected, but squatting does make mumur later.
Squatting makes murmur of HCM [earlier, later].
earlier (opposite of others)
What are causes of STEMI and NSTEMI?
STEMI: occlusive thrombus

NSTEMI: nonocclusive thrombus, plaque dislodged
Explain the meaning of R>S in V1 = "Right Stuff"
right bundle branch block
right axis deviation
right ventricular hypertrophy