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What artery goes to the SA node and Av junction
Right coronary artery
What artery goes to the septal wall, left ventricle, and papillary?
Left coronary artery
What does the papillary muscle control?
Valve of the heart
What does the left anterior descending do? What is it know as? If its blocked what does this mean?
feeds the anterior wall, apex,and bundle branches. Know as the "widow maker". blocked means heart damage.
Where is the widow maker located and what is its main purpose?
covers the left ventricle and apex of the heart- its main purpose is pumping action.
What is the conduction system?
how the heart initiates a beat
Where does the impulse start? What is it also known as? what is its normal beat?
SA node, pace maker, beat 60-100/min
AV node is know as what? regular beat?
Atrial ventricular junction- protective mech. that blocks impulses to slow things down. 40-60/min
Bundle of his rhythum
Purkinje fibers does what
tells the ventricle to contract, if nothing else working beat about 15/min
What determines circulation of the heart?
Cardiac output
What is the normal CO?
How is CO measured?
What is preload?
left ventricular before the contraction, the volume there stretches out"starling law" pushes blood out
What is afterload?
amount of pressure we have to push against to get blood out of the heart after the contraction. Its the resting phade of the ventricles.