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Congestive Heart Failure: Heart failure occurs when the muscles are damaged by infarction or other dx that impede the heart's ability to pump blood throughout the body. May occur hours or days after heart attack. 4 Remedies
Cactus Grandiflorus Carbo Vegetabilis/if oxygen is needed Aconite/anxiety or panic Glonoine
Heart Attack-General 3 Remedies
Aconite. Cactus. Ignatia for panic/hysteria.
Acute Myocardial Infarction-blood clot obstructs the coronary artery. 3 Remedies
Cactus as needed for crushing pain in chest, nausea, sweating, weakness, or fainting. Aconite for pending sense of doom heightened above all else. Carbo veg. if they show air hunger.
Heart Operation-Pacemaker. Pacemaker is not working correctly. 1 Remedy
Cardiac Pain: Fear of death; numbness and tingling down left arm; tachycardia; full, hard, tense, bounding pulse. Sudden; Violent. Very sensitive to noise; burning thirst.
< lying on left side; occiput
< 10-11am or 11 pm
> open air
> pressure on vertex
Cardiac pain:
Spasmodic incomplete contractions; Sensation as if heart would cease if they moved (Gels). Irregular slow beats, quickened by least movement. Pt. must walk about. Cannot bear to talk due to dyspnea. Thirsty.
< rising up, exertion
< lying on left side;
< smell of food; cold drinks
< meals
Nausea or sinking in stomach.
Cardiac issues:
Dynsnea, mental and physical restlessness; wants clothes loose (Lach, Nux v); desires small sips of water.
(Not a "study" remedy.)
Alternating congestion heart and head; Waves of terrible bursting, pounding headache.
< stooping. Fullness or squeezing in chest w/flush rising to face.

< Heat and sun.
Constricting feeling. Screams out from pain; Angina pectoris. Pain extends into and down left arm; restless; gasps for breath.
Latrodectus mactans

Paralysis of left arm during heart pain. Numbness in left arm.
Sharp, stitching, stabbing pain, radiating up then down right or left arm. Dyspnea, must lie on right side which relieves, with head high; > warm drinks.

Pain extends to arms, neck or even scapula.
Sensation of heart swelling as if it will exploded; awakes from sleep after midnight with pain and suffocation; Surging of heart into chest as if it would be forced out upward;
Spongia: Bath sponge.

Bursting pain.
Extreme restlessness; Sensation as if heart turned and twisted around; alternate chills and heat; restless, though movement aggravates; sensitive to music; thirsty
Tarentula h
Violent palpitations with the sensation that the heart will jump out of place. < lying on right side. < Sudden or unusual exertion or motion. > Pressing on sternum w/hand.
Argentum nitricum
Pain in chest or heart, "as if grasped by an iron fist." Angina, cardiomyopathy, myocardial infarction, and pericarditis all characterized by severe constricting pain.
Dyspnea with exertion, especially while ascending stairs or hill; poor stamina.
Calcarea carbonica
Dyspnea and must sit up in bed.
Dyspnea from flatus or over-eating, better eructation.
Congestive heart failure with anxiety, dysnea, cyanosis, bloated appearance, ameliorated by fanning or eructation.
Carbo veg.
Slow pulse; bradycardia or tachycardia with slow conduction.
Palpitations after grief.
Sensation that the heart will cease to beat.
Liver AND heart problems.
Dyspnea worse from vexation, drafts, suppressed menses, exertion, catching a cold.


Respiratory distress, even cyanosis, but lungs are clear to auscultion and function normally.
Lobelia Inflata: Indian Tobacco.
Angina beginning in early years.
Dyspnea better from assuming the knee-chest position.
Asthma from childhood.

Young people includes all under 50 yo.)
Angina pectoris, pains worse from stress, worse lying of the left side, better from cold drinks.
Angina, worse from exertion, extending to the left arm.
Cardiac hypertrophy. Valvular disorders. Lameness or numbness into left arm.
Rhus toxicodenron
Angina pectoris.
Chest pain, worse motion or inspiration, worse lying on the left side, better from warm drinks. < bending forward.
Palpitations, tumultuous and said to be visible through chest wall.
Cardiac murmurs. Valvular disorders.
Spigelia: Wormgrass