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Diuretics (loop)Drug Names
Anticoagulant Drug Names
Coumadin (Warfarin)
Coumadin Side Effects
BLEEDING due to increased PT
Coumadin Nursing Implementations
Monitor PT levels. Bleeding precautions. Teach pt. to avoid foods with Vit. K
Coumadin Antagonist
Antidote is Vit. K
Heparin Antagonist
Antidote is Protamine Sulfate
Lasix Action
Stops loop of henle from reabsorbing water and sodium back to the body
Lasix Side effects Dehydration,
hypokalemia, cardiac dysrhythmia, confusion, dizziness
Lasix nursing implementation
Monitor I & O, weigh pt, provide Potassium rich foods, Assess K+ levels
Nitrates Action
Vasodilator (dilates blood vessels for increased blood flow to tissue)
Nitrates Drug Names
Nitrates Side Effects
Headache, Hypotension, Dizziness, Flushing
Nitrates Sublingual
Take up to 3 tabs 5 min. apart. Call 911 if pain persists
Nitroglycerin storage
dark, glass bottle. (when used should tingle under tongue)
Thrombolytic Side Effects
BLEEDING due to dissolving clots
Thrombolytic Action
Breakdown of clot
Ca Channel Blocker action
inteferes with use of Calcium by myocardium
Ca channel Blocker Names
nifedipine, Procardia, Cardizem, Verapamil
Ace Inhibitor- Action
Interferes with angiotensin which normally causes vasoconstriction
Ace Inhibitor-Drug Names
atopril (Capotan), Enolopril (Vasotec) *End in -pril*
Ace Inhibitor-Side Effects
Decrease BP,Increase pulse, dizzy, confusion
Ace Inhibitor-Nursing action
Teach pt. to rise slowly
Beta Adrenergic Blocker-Action
Blocks adrenergic rsponse thus decreases BP
Adrenergic Blocker-Nursing action
Take on empty stomach
Beta Adrenergic Blocker-Side Effects
Decreased BP, Decreased pulse, drowsy, dizzy,confusion Beta
Beta Adrenergic Blocker-
Drug Names Aldomet, Inderal, Atenolol (often end in -olol
Calcium Channel Blocker-Drug Names
Cardizem, Procardia, Verapamil Calcium
Anticoagulant drug names
Heparin, Lovenox, Coumadin
Channel Blocker-Side Effects
Decrease BP and pulse, dizzy, confusion, nausea
Anticoagulant side effect
Coumadin Action
Stops formation of clots ***DOES NOT DISOLVE CLOT*** increases PT
Heparin Nursing Implementation
Monitor PTT levels; Bleeding precautions, check BP and pulse
Heparin Side Effects
BLEEDING due to increased PTT
Test used to monitor Heparin
Antidote for Heparin
Protamine Sulfate
Test used to monitor Coumadin
Loop Diuretic Lasix
Antidote for Coumadin
Vitamin K
Heparin Action
Stops the formation of new clots ***DOES NOT DISOLVE CLOT*** increases PTT
Digoxin Action
Strengthen and slow heart
Cardiotonic Drug Names
Digoxin, Lanoxin
Digoxin Side Effects
Bradycardia, anorexia, N/V, visual disturbances (yellow/green halos)
Digoxin Intervention
Take apical pulse prior to giving and hold if apical pulse below 60 bpm
Anticoagulant (Injectable) Drug Names
Heparin and Lovenox