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What is the upper limit of normal for main PA diameter on CT?
3 cm
After evaluating the main PA on either CT or CXR, what is the next step to determining vascularity?
Look at the hilar vessels
How big should the hilar arteries be?
The right PA should be no larger than the tracheal diameter
What about the interlobar artery?
The interlobar artery should be 16 mm or less
What is Holt oram syndrome known as also?
Heart Hand syndrome
What are the cardiac abnormalities?
What are the hand abnormalities?
Radial ray abnormalities
Meaning what?
Can have absent radius, but always have thumb abnormalities.
What are the thumb abnormalities?
Can either be no thumb, or too much thumb -- absence or hypersegmentation (3 phalanges) of thumb
If you see a line or catheter coming down the SVC into the right ventricle, what other location could it occupy?
Coronary sinus
What is significance of this?
Injection intended to occur in capacious RV can explode the cornonary sinus into the pericardium
How do you decide whether your line is in the RV or CS?
Lateral view
What do you see in lat view if line is in CS?
Line goes posteriorly to the back of the heart