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1. Inventor, statesman and diplomat1st
2. 1st postmaster general/ opened 1st library
3. helped get french ait during american revolution
4. represents US in signing of treaty to end revolution
Ben Franklin
1. American Revolution general - becomes a traitor (bitter about debts)
2. Tried to capture west point but fails
Benedict Arnold
1. american spy/school teacher
2. "I only regret that i have but one life to lose for my country
3. excicuted as a spy
Nathan Hale
1. Made engraving of boston massaqure
2. midnight ride, "the brittish are comming"
Paul Revere
1. commaender and chief of the continental army
2. 1st persident
George Washington
1. african american - former slave who died at boston messacer some considered him the 1st american to die for our liberty
Crispus Atticks
1. author of common sense
2. author of the crisis - support for american soldiers
Thomas Paine
1. Brittish general defeated by washington at york town VA
Lord Cornwalis
1. give me liberty of give me death speech
Partic Henry
1. Wife of John and mother of John Quiney
2. Encouraged equal rights for women
Abigel Adams
1. Protested taxes by publishing 12 weekly letters in a PA news paper
2. farmer, lawyer and state assembally man
John DIckinson
1. primasy author of declaration of independance
2. Introduced decimal system and doller
Thomas Jefferson
1st signer of Declaration of Independance
2. president of the 2nd continental congress
John Hancock
1. First vice president
2. defended soldiers at boston masacure
John Adams
1. Founder of sons of liberty
2. created commitee of correspondance
3. organizer of the boston tea party
Sam Adams