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How many Branches of government are ther?
what is the Executive branch.
What is the Legislative Branch
who make the law
What are the duties of Congress
to Make Laws
what is the Legislative branch
Who has the power to declare war?
what are the duties of Congress
How many Sentators are there in Congress
why are there 100 senators
Can you name two senators from your state
Richard Durbin and Barack Obama
what is Congress
What is Congress?
The Senate and the House of Representatives
what are the duties of congress
For how long do we elect each Senator
for 6 years
what is congress
What is the Executive Branch of the Goverment of the United States
The President, Vicepresident, Executive Departments and Independent Agencies
What are the three branches of U.S. Government
What is the head of the Executive Branch of the United States Government
The President
Who signs bills into law
For how long do we elect the President
4 four years
how many terms can the president serve
Who was the first President of the United States
George Washington
Who is the president of U.S today
Who becomes president if the president dies.
The VicePresident
Dick Chenney
Who becomes presdient if the president and the vicepresident dies
The Speaker of the House of Representantives.
Nancy Pellozzy
Who signs bills into laws
the President
who is the president.