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el cochon neumatico
air mattress
las gafas de sol
la locion solar
la ola
la sombrilla
beach umbrella
la tabla de windsurf
windsurfing board
el yate
navegar en un velero
to sail in a sailboat
el campo de golf
golf course
la cancha de tenis
tennis court
estar de vacaciones
to be on vacation
disfrutar de
gozar de
to enjoy
pasarlo bien
to have a good time
de parte de quien por favor?
may I ask who is calling please?
voy a ver si esta
I'll see if he's in
esta equivocado
you have the wrong number
quisiera dejar un recado
I would like to leave a message
digale que me llame
tell her to call me
si fuera tan amable de decirle que me llame
if you would be kind enough to tell him to call me
la linea esta ocupado
the line is busy
no se oye bien
I can't hear very well
disculpe, pero me tengo que ir
excuse me, but I have to go
nos hablamos
I'll talk to you later
te llamo
I'll call you
hace un rato
a while ago
el jueves pasado
last thursday
last night
to gossip
to take a walk
then, at that time
era(-n) la(-s)...cuando
it was...o'clock when