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What is folk music?
Traditional music orignally learnt by ear. Folk revival in 1950s.
What is a celtic fusion?
'Celtic' means it cam from wales, scotland or Ireland. This folk music has been combined with elements of pop music.
What is waulking?
Process of pounding tweed cloth.
Who would sing waulking songs?
Women who waulked would sing the songs to keep in time, especially as it took many hours. Enlivened work and usually call and response.
What is the name of the album this song comes from? When was it released?
Nadurra, realeased in 2000.
What does 'with modulation' mean?
modulation applied to synth chord so pitch fluctuates slightly.
Instrumentation / Texture?
Rhythmic pattern on drum kit. Bass line on bass guitar. Chords on synth and accordion. Main melody by voice and countermelodies on other instruments eg. violinRhythmic pattern on drum kit. Bass line on bass guitar.
Call and response patter between 4 different phrases:
Phrase 1 - call
Refrain 1- response
Phrase 2 - call
Refrain 2 - response

Overall -
1. Intro and instrumental
2. Verse 1
3. Verse 2
4. Coda, accompaniment fades out.
Pentatonic, uses low register (vocal tenor clef) mainly syllabic. In gaelic, uses vocables and call and response.
Musicians play short motifs and countermelodies.
12/8 (compound quadruple metre) syncopation. Cross rhythms by hi-hat, when full band enters emphasises beat.
G major diatonic. G Em C. DOminant chord (D) avoided so feels modal.