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Ad hoc committee
Committee that is usually charged with a single task.
An action of the chair or motion made by a member that stops the meeting activity for a specific period of time.
A plan for a meeting, with the items to be discussed during the meeting listed in order of presentation.
Breach of order
The situation that occurs when rules are ignored or not followed, someone speaks out of turn, or when the decorum of the meeting is lost.
Individual charged with leading a meeting, keeping it on track, on time, and efficient. Diffuses tensions and encourages collaborative and supportive efforts.
Committee meeting
When a group of people meet to discuss problems, tasks, or responsibilities.
A formal meeting of people with a common purpose; typically they are professionals assembled to share information and research.
Departmental meeting
Meeting that involves departments, divisions, or other work groups, scheduled on a more regular basis.
Formal meeting
A gathering of a group that proceeds under the control of a chair, following an agenda, and typically utilizing rules of conduct that specify how action will be taken.
General meeting
Meeting scheduled for all people within the organization, including managers and supervisors.
Informal meeting
Meeting that can occur anywhere at any time. Many begin in the employee snack room during breaks. Crucial to individual and team creativity and innovation.
A written record of the main points of a meeting and how members voted on motions and other actions, as well as a verbatim record of each motion statement, usually recorded by the secretary of the group.
Office meeting
A group gathering that can be by appointment or unscheduled and involves two or more people in an office conferring on a particular task, often between a supervisor and subordinate.
Parliamentary procedure
A formal set of rules that guide the conduct of the meeting. The most common set of rules used is "Robert's Rules of Order".
Public meeting
Meeting that may include public shareholders or stockholders; a news conference or public portion of a board meeting; or a public hearing of a local, state, or federal commission, committee, or legislative session.
Actions that lead to obstruction of work or other normal operations.
Standing committee
Committee in which members are appointed for a definite term such as one or two years. The committee has definite objectives assigned for which it is responsible during the term.