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What's up?
dim a
Thank you!
m goi (for a service)
do jie (for a gift) - Lit. many thanks
You're welcome.
m sai
How are you?
nei hou ma
Have you eaten yet?
nei sik zhou fan mei a?
How have you been lately?
Zhoy ghen dim a - Lit. most near how
Bon appetit!
sik fan
bai bai
wei (answering the telephone)
I'm from...
ngo hai (country) lai ga
I'm... years old.
ngo (number) souy
See you tomorrow!
ting yet ghin
Good morning.
zhou san
Bill, please.
m goi mai dan (in a restaurant)
Here you go.
I love you.
ngo oi nei
How do you say (this) in Cantonese?
(li go) hai gon dung wa dim gon a?
Could you speak slower please?
tsen lei gon man di