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When did Chaucer live?
What were Chaucer’s professions and his knowledge of foreign languages?
Courtier, Scholar, Scientist, Soldier, Poet, and maybe a spy. Spoke fluent English, Latin, French, and Italian. Spoke German and Spanish as well.
What did Chaucer’s father do?
His father was a wine-maker and tavern keeper. He owned one of the very best taverns.
Chaucer is the ____ of English literature, explain.
He is the father of English literature because he was the first one to write literature in recognizable English.
Who usually spoke Latin in this time period?
The Church, Courts of Law, and Scholarship – Very intimidating for commoners
Who usually spoke French in this time period?
the Royal Court, upper classes and literature
Who usually spoke regular good ole English in this time period?
commoners – more limited life
Chaucer is ______ in his writing of the Canterbury Text in order to _________.
Ambiguous, not to be killed if he upsets someone
What is the name of the inn?
Tabard Inn, it is a hostelry
What is the genre of the prologue?
Where is the inn located?
Southwark, London
What are the rules of the game the pilgrims play?
Each character tells 2 stories on the way to Canterbury and 2 on the way back. The one who tells the best tale will get free supper at everyone else’s expense on their way back. The host decides the winner.
What is the name of the host?
Harry Bailly
What are sumptuary laws?
Sumptuary laws were restrictions used by the upper class to keep the lower classes in order. Things included weapons, clothing, fur, velvet, cloth and jewelry.
Who broke sumptuary laws?
Prioress - Rosary with coral beads and golden brooch
Sergerant of Law – wears a silk belt
Franklin – shading the lines, he is nouve rich so….he wears a purse made out of silk
Doctor – Wearing silk, taffen, and blue and red colors.
Miller – carrying sword and shield
(I think) Merchant – Flemish Beaver hat, multicolored tunic
Who was Thomas Becket?
Originally Henry II’s buddy. He was educated in a university, and was appointed the chancellor in 1155. Henry wanted someone to support his quarrels against the Roman Catholic Church, turns to Becket and appoints the archbishop of Canterbury. Becket then reforms and becomes a champion of the church and the poor. Henry II gets pissed off that his old buddy isn’t helping him, screams “will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest!”. 4 knights take it seriously, and kills him. Becomes instant martyr, Henry II has to make personal pilgrimage.
Chaucer the Pilgrim vs. Chaucer the Poet
Chaucer the Pilgrim introduces himself as naïve and dumb; however, Chaucer the poet is actually extremely clever and disguises many subtle symbols in the actual story.
Has a mercenary whiff to him because he allied with heathens to fight other heathens. Also very resourceful because he armed his yeoman.
Good at what he does, very well armed (breaking sumptuary laws). He is also a woodsman.
Basically a player, but behaves differently around his dad. Shows the new and old orders of knighthood.
Grey eyes, Big forehead, kinda fat -> hot by medieval standards. Is an aristocrat, trying to maintain her old lifestyle
Loves hunting, really fine greyhounds, wears Grys (underbelly of squirrels), a big pimp, his horse is meant for women to ride (Palfrey)
Licensed Beggar, Hangs out with rich people (franklin), knows all the local taverns, paying off his babies through dowries.
Wearing stuff that he shouldn’t wear, not erally impressing people, he is always bragging about how much money he is making; however, he is actually in debt.
The Clerk
Doesn’t have any money, gets loans and prays for his lenders in return. Well educated, perhaps trying to find the Philosopher’s stone, widely read
Sergerant of Law
Really good at law, wearing a silk belt (against sumptuary laws).
Not really aristocracy, novuae rich, lots of good food and wine, lots of property, local sheriff, lots of money
Can’t cook really well, can identify ales, sore on his knees  syphilis
Brigand, Stole Wine, No conscience
Doctor of Medicine
Puts ruby, sapphire, ect in medicine in order to cure people; however, he’s faking this in order to get more gold. Breaking sumptuary laws by wearing silk and taffen
A little bit deaf, married legally 5 times, has been all over the place, a very good horsewoman, gap tooth – lusty.
Very devout, give his money to pay other people’s tithe, take cares of his flock, probably a boy that the church adopted
Very good worker, religious, pays tithe on his property and income,
Buff, good at wrestling, carries a sword and shield (not suppose to), thief, big wart on his nose. Breaks down doors
A house maid for law students, good at managing money, no debts whatsoever, outwitting everyone, including his tenants.
Overseer for a landlord, Thin and hairless, Everyone is afraid of him. Takes his lord stuff and sells it back to his lord. Nice dapple grey
Everyone was scared of him, he brings summons from courts. Horney, maybe raping or having sex with really young girls. Doesn’t worry about excommunication, knows all the prostitutes in town, pretty smashed most of the time
Castrati, castrated. Brings pardon from rome, he also brings along fake relics and cons people’s money with them. Offertory, sings to get money off of people, pretty nasty looking.
What is a reverdie?
regreening, celebration of spring
On his shyne a mormal hadde he
On his shin he had a sore.
The Cook probably has syphilis. Disgusting? Even grosser is that his shin is probably at the same level of his cooking pot.
And gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche
And gladly would he learn and teach.
The Clerk demonstrates a characteristic of an ideal teacher.
But alderbest he song an offertorie
But best of all he sang an offertory.
The Pardoner sings very well and can get people to give monies.
Gat-toothed was she, soothly for to seye
Gaptoothed was she, I am sad to say.
The Good Wyf of Bath is of a lusty disposition.
Of smale houndes hadde she that she fedde/With rosted flessh
She had small hounds that she fed with roasted flesh.
The Prioresse had hounds [GASP] that she fed with food better than the food some people eat.
Upon the cop right of his nose he hade/A werte, and theron stood a tuft of herys.
Upon the right side of his nose he had a hairy wart.
The Miller is just kind of gross.
I seigh his sleves purfiled at the hond/With grys, and that the fyneste of a lond
I say his sleeves were lined with white fur, the finest in the land.
The Monk is riding all day, yet he wears the very hard-to-maintain white cuffs.
Somwhat he lisped…/To make his Englissh sweete upon his tonge
Somewhat he lisped to make himself sound sweet.
The Friar lisps to make himself sound sweet. He can charm money from anyone.
As leene was his hors as is a rake
His horse was as lean as a rake.
The Clerk and his horse are way skinny. He spends his money elsewhere than food.
What was the friar's name?
At mortal batailles hadde he been fifteen/And foughten for oure feith at Tramyssene
He had been at fifteen mortal battles and fought for Christianity at Tramyssene.
The Knight has been in dangerous places, lots of places.
I trowe he were a geldyng or a mare
I think he was a gelding or a mare.
The Pardoner is either a castrate or a woman. And he's not a woman…
Of his visage children were aferd
Of his face children were afraid.
The Summoner is one foul looking dude.
Hir hosen weren of fyn scarlet red
Her hose were of fine scarlet red.
The Good Wyf is a bit racy in her clothing choice.
That first he wrought, and afterward he taughte
What he tought, he first did.
The Parson practices what he preaches.
Ful longe were his legges and ful lene/Ylyk a staf, there was no calf ysene.
Full long and lean were his legs. He was like a staff, there was no calf seen.
The Reeve is very thin. You can't see his legs.
God loved he best with al his hole herte
God he loved best with all his whole heart.
The Plowman is very devout.
For gold in phisik is a cordial/Therefore he loved gold in special
Gold in medicine is good, ergo he loved gold especially.
The Doctor of Phisik will sell cures for the Plague supposedly with ground gold/precious elements and sell at the associated price.
Ful many a draughte of wyn had he drawe/Fro Burdeux-ward
He drew many a full draught of wine from Burdeux-ward.
The Shipman steals wine from the wine merchant. The shipman has no conscience.
Nowher so bisy a man as he there nas/And yet he semed bisier than he was
Nowhere was there a man busier than he, yet he seemed busier than he was.
The Sargent of Law is very busy, very important, but he wants to be more important.
He hadde maad ful many a marriage/Of younge women at his owene cost
He had made full many a marriage of young women at his own cost.
The Friar marries off young women of his own expense. These women are probably preggers.
An outridere, that lovede venerie,/A manly man, to be an abbot able.
He was an outrider, that loved hunting. He was a manly man to be an abbot.
The Monk likes hunting [women]…he's very manly.
And Frenssh she spak ful faire and fetisly,/After the scole of Stratford ate Bowe
And she spoke French well in the style of the school of Stratford at Bowe.
The Prioresse speaks book French from not the best of schools. But she thinks she speaks well.
So hoote he lovede that by nightertale/He slepte namoore than dooth a nyghtyngale.
So hot he loved, that by night he slept no more than a nightengale.
The Squyer is like those male birdies looking out for the females. At night he loves hotly.
Ther wish no wight that he was in dette.
There was no one who knew he was in debt.
The Merchant is trying to appear well off thoughto do this he is living beyond his means.
For he was Epicurus owene sone.
For he was like the son of Epicurus.
The Frankelyn lives his life in excess. The purpose of life is pleasure.