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loved chivalry honor and truth
the knight
son of the knight in training to be a knight
the squire
a forester, servant to the knight
the yeoman
a nun, loved animals
the prioress
leaves the moastery, loves to hunt
the monk
begs for a living
the friar
is in debt
the merchant
spends all of his money on books
the oxford student
looks busier than he is
the lawyer
wealthy landowner, loves food
the franklin
middle class, weaver, dyer, carpenter, tapestry-maker, and haberdasher
the guildsmen
ulcer on his leg
the cook
makes his prisoners walk the plank
the skipper
uses astrology to treat his patients
the physician
wears red stockings, has five husbands
the wife of bath
good shepherd to his flock
the parson
parson's brother, good, honest worker
the plowman
grinds grain into flour for a living; cheats; wart on his nose
the miller
buys supplies for lawyers
the manciple
manager of a large estate
the reeve
calls people to church court, very ugly
the summoner
sells pardons and fake relics; effeminate
the pardoner