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"worthy" repeated over and over again; epitome of chivalry; "idealized portrait of high minded adventurerer" (footnotes); "He never yet no villany ne saide/In all his life unto no manner wight./He was a veray, parfit, gentil knight."; his horse was fancy, though he was not; his tunic is stained
loves to sing; curly haired; well dressed; lover; courteous; spring/embroidered; carves his father's food; "So hot he loved that by nightertale/He slept namore than doth a nightingale."
huntsman for knight (knights cannot hunt themselves); not much hair; self-sufficient; green/camoflauge; medal of St. Christopher; good at what he does; spends a lot of time outdoors; cares about what he does; "His arrwes drouped not with fetheres lowe."
expensive things; attractive; gives her food to dogs; not simple; beautiful; elegant; "Eglentine" (meaning sweetbriar); swears by Seinte Loy, a saint popular in high culture, but means nothing; manners; traveling w/hounds; gold medallion "Amor vincit omnia"; "She was so charitable and so pitous/She wolde weep if that she saw a mous/Caught in a trap, if it were deed or bledde." incongrous with the hounds she keeps
disregards rules (hunts even though churchmen shouldn't); pampers himself; gluttonous; "prickasour" phallic symbol; NO obedience poverty or chastity; outside a lot even though he should be studying inside; venerye (word for hunting, but comes from Venus)-double entendre; lust; has a pin with a love-knot; "A monk there was, a fair for the maistrye/An outrider, that loved venerye/A manly man, to been an abbot able."
Huberd; businessman; abuses money destined for poor; he begs a lot; confession for rich people is easy; likes women a lot; sings; post-double entendre; has a white neck--should be outside working; marrys many women off; "Full sweetly herde he confessioun/And pleasant was his absolucioun;/He was an esy man to yive penauance/There as he wist to have a good pitaunce."
sits high on his horse; well-spoken; good clothes; wants to prosper; illegal money exchange; talks like he's really rich but in debt; "This worthy man full well his with bisette;/There wiste no wight that he was in dette."
educated; reads; little interest in wealth; hope for the future; "ideal portrait"; introverted; thin(even thinner than his horse); young; he says little, but speaks morally; "Not oo word spak he more than was neede,/And that was said in form and reverence/And short and quick, and full of heigh sentence;"
real estate law; cautious, wise, knowledgable; high in government; no loopholes in his writing; thorough; concerned w/capital; robes are elaborate; doesn't want to look rich; not excessive; sucessful; "Nowhere so bisy a man as he there nas;/And yet he seemed bisier than he was." gets paid by the hours-this would be wrong
wealthy landowner; Santa?; food, fat, hospitality; Epicurius-led life of pleasure; "White was is beered as is the dayesye;/Of his complexion he was sanguin."
pool resources; hired cook-physically sick
bare minimum; tanned in sun all day; took wine from merchant while he slept; throws prisoners overboard; "Hardy he was and wise to undertake./With many a tempest had his beerd been shake."
cautious spending; nice clothes; doesn't read Bible; but is learned; scam w/pharmacists; astronomy; "For gold in physic is cordial/Therefore he loved gold in special"
Wife of Bathe
5 husbands; clothmaker; slightly deaf; tourist; gat-toothed (bold); agressive; manipulation; red stockings; :remedies of love; flaunts her religion; travels; "Bold was hir face, and fair, and red of hewe./She was a worthy woman all hir live."
I did this one
works hard; wins wresting tournaments; ugly; gold on thumb--weighs the scale down; armed; built like a pig; plays bagpipie; loud, brutish; "Full big he was of brawn and eek of bones:/That proved well, for overall there he cam/At wrestling he wold have alway the ram."
similar to office manager--purchasing agent for law school; ordinary man, but keeps up with well-trained lawyers--stil embezzles though; "And able for to helpen all a shire/In any case that mighte fall or happe/And yet this manciple set hir aller cappe!"
sickly; pale; shorthair; keeps his own records; knows all the tricks; no one likes him; steals things from store he keeps; "There nas baliff, ne hierd, ne other hine, That he knew his sleight and his convine;/They were adrad of him as of deeth."; carpenter by trade
minor church police; really ugly (children were afraid of him); drunk; can be bribed; allows those he's supposed to enforce to sleep w/women and have a mistress in exchange for wine; yet he's put in charge of young girls of the diocese; skin out break-lechery; "He wolde suffer, for a quart of win/A good fellaw to have his concubin"
travels w/Summoner; from Rome; sings high (suggestion of castration or effeminate) likes to have a god time; pardons people for sins, sells relics; sham w/summoner; not attractive; yellow hair; "A voice he had as small as hath a goot/No beerd had he, ne never sholde have/As smooth it was as it were late y-shave."
brother of parson; good worker lives by golden rule