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How many books are in the New Testament?
How did the Church decide what books to include in the canon?
Decided whether it was inspired by the Holy Spirit
What is the canon?
official list of books the Church considers inspires its writings; "measuring rod" "rule"
What are the 3 criteria for how the NT books were chosen?
Apostolic origin
Widespread Acceptance
Conformity to the rule of faith
What is apostolic origin?
How real the writings are/ authentic view of the occasion
What is widespread acceptance?
writings have been spread widely & have been accepted by communities
What is conformity to the rule of faith?
Had to be true info about Jesus and his teachings; no heresy
Why have books written by Thomas not been included in the Bible?
The stories are inconsistent with the traditional knowledge of Jesus. Gnosticism in it. Didnt have anything about his life - just sayings
Gospel means...
good news
What are people called who wrote the gospels?
What does evangelist mean?
Proclaimers of the good news
Why do we need 4 gospels?
For different views on situations. Each writer wrote it from a different perspective for a different purpose & audience
What does "religion" mean?
to bind;hold together
Who responded to Jesus "Who do you say I am?"
What was Peter's response to Jesus' question: Who do you say I am?
You are the Messiah, the son of the living God
Christ is God made flesh; In Carne
official & authoritative belief of the church
Jesus only appeared human; If this happened, salvation never happened
What are 3 terms used to describe Jesus the Christ?
What does AD stand for?
Anno Domini