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What major event inspired Voltiare to write Candide?
The Lisbon Earthquake
Name a few characteristics about Voltaire...
~Enlightebment thinker-philosoph
~French-son of a minor polictical officer
~Educated-Jesuit school/law school, diest
~Boat Rocker-exiled to england but kept writing
1717- 11 monthes in prison for storming the bastile, picked up satire
1718- become VOLTAIRE
What period authors was Voltiare pals with?
Johnathon Swift and Alexander Pope
What is Deism?
the idea that god is like a watchmaker, makes the watches then sits back and lets them tic
What is Philosophical Optimism?
point of view that the world is perfect, everything that happens is ultimately good, extension of diesm
What is Bildungsroman?
novel of education
What is Candide a satire of?
Lotsa stuff but mainly philosophical optimisim
What is Auto de-fe and what is it's purpose?
a mass sacrifice of people, a way to prevent more earthquakes
What is Candide's first dynamic change in the book (chap 6)?
after he sees Pangloss hanged he begins to question Pangloss' teachings about this being the best of all possible worlds (pg 13 last paragraph)
Who restores Candide's faith in Pangloss' teachings?
the old woman in chapter 7
What about Pangloss shows the the book is a satire of philosophical optimisim?
his flase logic and vocabulary in chapter 1
he denies the existence of evil in 4
what about the aristocracy mentioned in Candide shows that it is a satire?
the long names, the fact that they are all FAT, the castle's characterization
What about the military mentioned in Candide show that it is a satire?
Candides military training, the horrific visuals made positive, the fact that Candide mentions he was in the army and was instantaniously made a captian
How do the descriptions of the Governor and the Commandant play into the military's criticism?
GOVENOR- arrogant (assumes he can marry cunegonde, asks if she just the captains wife like it doesnt matter if she is anyoine elses), physical description, long name, men salute him when they really want to jump him

COMMANDANT-vain (pg 35), only likes germans
How does Voltaire use the old women, Cacambo, and Martin as REAL knowledge?
OLD WOMEN (pg 29)- no reason for life so why do we live it, life is hard but people still hold on to it

CACAMBO(pg 39)- people's natural instinct is to kill each other, this is clear all over the world

MARTIN(pg 53)- believes men are evil by nature, similar to Cacambo

ALL- use experience to support their views, feel negativily about life
How does Voltaire use El Dorado as a positve outlook on Utopia?
everyone agrees on everything, they have the same religion, they embrace their king, gender equality,no need for prisons, no need to be greedy: they dont really have material possessions
How does Voltaire use El Dorado as a negative outlook on Utopia?
its impossible to get to, even if you get there you can't really leave, there will always be bad people and people that disagree therefore you will need a prison and so diversity
How is brutality presented differently with the slave?
there is no hope, no humor, no good intentions, when voltaire discusses slave brutality, it is all there when he discusses other kinds of brutality
Why does Candide eventually renounce Pangloss' teachings?
he sees all the evils in the world (death, slavery, treachary) and he cannot continue to find the good in it all
Explain Martin's metaphor of Humans and Hawks...
humans being evil, liars, cheats, theives is just as natural as a hawk eating a pigeon