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totality of an organism's chemical reactions.
metabolic pathway
begins with a specific molecule, which is then altered in a series of defined stemps, resutliting in a certain product.
catabolic pathways
break down pathways
anabolic pathways
consume energy to build complicated molecules from simpler ones; sometimes called biosynthetic pathways.
study of how organisms manage their energy resources
the capacity to cause change
kinetic energy
energy associated with the relative motion of objects
heat (thermal energy)
kinetic energy associated with the ramdom movmeent of atoms or molecules.
potential energy
an object not presently movimg may still possess energy. energy that is not kinetic energy.
chemical energy
a term used to refer to the potential energy available for release in a chemical reaction.
study of energy transfomations that occur in a collection of matter.
first law of thermodynamics
(principle of conservation of energy)
energy can be transferred or transformed, but it cannot be created or destroyed.
a measure of disorder or ramdomness.
second law of thermodynamics
Every energy transfer or transformation increases the entropy of the universe.