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What role does Caecilius play in the household?
Father or master.
In what city and country did Caecilius live?
Pompeii in Italy.
What was one of Caecilius' jobs?
Banker, auctioneer, tax collector, farmer, and moneylender are all right answers.
What was Caecilius' father's name?
Lucius Caecilius Felix.
What was Caicilius' full name?
Lucius Caecilius Iucundus.
What did three names represent in Roman society?
Three names meant that you were a respected citizen of Rome.
What rights did Roman citizens have?
They had the right to vote, they were proteted by the law against unjust treatment,but he could not kill his slaves without a valid reason.
What significance did Caecilius' first name, Lucius, have?
The first name is a personal name, like a modern first name.
What significance did Caecilius' second name, Caecilius, have?
The second name was a clan name. He was a member of the clan of the Ceacilii. Clans were very important and strong feelings of loyalty existed within them.
What significance did Caecilius' last name, Iucundus, have?
The third name is the name of his family and close relatives.
Was Caecilius rich?
What was the name of Caecilius' wife?
What was the name of Caecilius' son?
What was the name of Caecilius' cook?
What was the name of Caecilius' dog?
What was the name of Caecilius' slave?