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Blurred Vision, weakness of breath, disinclination to talk, lassitude, poor appetite, loose stools.
Optic Atrophy - Qi & Blood Deficiency

T - pale w/ thin white coat
P - weak, thready

GB 20, UB 1, QIUHOU, GB 37, ST 36, SP 6.
Sudden deafness, distension sensation and constant ringing in the ear that cannot by eliminated by pressing. In case of upward perversion of pathogenic wind fire of the liver and GB, there are flushed face, dry mouth irritability and hot temper.
Deafness & Tinnitus - XS
T: None noted
P: Forceful, string-taut
SJ 17, GB 2, GB 43, SJ 3, LV 2, GB 41
Invasion of wind: SJ 5, LI 4
Protracted deafness intermittent tinnitus aggravated by strain and eliminated by pressing, dizziness, soreness and aching of low back, seminal emission, excessive leukorrhea.
Deafness & Tinnitus - XU
T: None noted
P: Thready, weak
SJ 17, GB 2, GB 43, SJ 3, UB 23, Du 4, Kd 3 (moxa)
Congestion, swelling and pain of the eye, photophobia, lacrimation and sticky discharge. In the case of wind-heat, there would be fever. If w/ fire of the Lv and GB, there would also be bitter taste in the mouth, irritability w/ feverish sensation, constipation.
Congestion, Swelling & Pain of the Eye
T: None noted
P: Wind-Heat: superficial, rapid, LV/GB Fire: String-taut
UB 1, GB 20, LI 4, Lv 2, Taiyang, Wind-Heat: SJ 5, Fire: Lv 3
Nasal obstruction, loss of sense of smell, yellow fetid nasal discharge, thick and sticky accompanied by cough, dull pain in the forehead.
Thick & Sticky Nasal Discharges
T: Reddened tongue w/ thin, white, and sticky coat
P: Rapid
Lu 7, LI 20, Bitong, LI 4, Yintang
Epistaxis accompanied by fever, cough, or dire thirst w/ preference for cold drink, constipation, foul breath.
Epistaxis - Extreme heat in Lu & St
T: Reddened or reddened w/ yellow coat
P: Superficial, rapid or forceful, rapid
LI 20, LI 4, Du 23
Lu Heat: Lu 11
Stomach Heat: St 44
Epistaxis accompanied by malar flush, dryness of the mouth, feverish sensation of the palms and soles, afternoon fever, night sweating.
Epistaxis - Yin Xu w/ Fire
T: None noted
P: Thready, rapid
LI 20, LI 4, Du 23, + Kd 6
Severe toothache w/ foul breath, thirst, constipation.
Toothache d/t Stomach Fire
T: Yellow coat
P: Forceful, rapid
Acute toothache w/ gingival swelling w/ chills/fever.
Toothache d/t Wind-Fire
T: None noted
P: Superficial, rapid
SJ 2, GB 20, LI 4, St 6, St 7, SJ 5
Dull pain off and on, loose teeth, absence of foul breath.
Toothache d/t Kd Yin Xu
T: Reddened
P: Thready, rapid
St 6, St 7, Kd 3
Abrupt onset w/ chills/fever, HA, congested and sore throat, thirst, dysphagia, constipation.
Sore Throat - Excess Heat
T: Reddened w/ thin yellow coat
P: Superficial, rapid
Lu 11, LI 4, St 44, SI 17
Gradual onset w/o fever or w/ low fever, slightly congested throat w/ intermittent pain or pain during swallowing, dryness of the throat, more marked at night, feverish sensation in the palms and soles.
Sore Throat - Yin Xu
T: Reddened and furless
P: Thready, rapid
Kd 3, Lu 10, Ren 23, Kd 6, Lu 7, LI 18
Dryness of the eyes, blurred vision, dizziness, tinnitus, nocturnal emission, aching of the lower back.
Optic Atrophy - Lv & Kd Yin Xu
T: Reddened w/ scanty coat
P: Thready, weak
GB 20, UB 1, Qiuhou, GB 37, Lv 3, + Kd 3, UB 18, UB 23
Blurred vision emotional depression, dizziness, vertigo, hypochondriac pain, and bitter taste in the mouth, dry throat.
Optic Atrophy - Lv Stagnation
T: None noted
P: String-taut
GB 20, UB 1, Qiuhou, GB 37, Lv 3, + Lv 14, GB 34