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What is Streak?
The color of the powder left when a mineral is rubbed against a hard, rough surface.
What is hardness?
How well a mineral resists scratching.
What is renewable resource?
A resource that can be replaced in a short period of time.
What is ozone layer?
A layer of ozone gas in the atmosphere that screens out much of the Sun's UV rays.
What is desalination?
Getting fresh water from seawater.
What is geothermal energy?
Earth's internal energy.
What is groundwater?
Water that seeps into the ground into spaces between bits of rock and soil.
What is a reservoir?
A storage area for freshwater supplies.
What is biomass?
Plat matter or animal waste that can be used as source of energy.
What is a fossil?
The remains or imprint of living things of the past.
What is smog?
A mixture of smoke and fog.
How can rain be harmful?
When wastes from burning fossil fuels mix with moisture becoming acid rain.