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What is a Homesteader?
A person who settled on a piece of land for five years and farmed it.
What is Comstock, Nevada know for?
silver mining
What help people move west faster.
Transcontinental railroad
What was the Grange?
A group that helped the farmers.
What did unions do?
an organization to protect workers' rights.
Who is John D. Rockefeller?
He built up the oil industry.
Who was John P. Morgan?
He built a banking empire.
Who was Andrew Carnegie?
He built a steel empire and later sold it to J.P. Morgan.
Who was George Custer?
a General who was killed by the Sioux warriors at Little Big Horn.
Who was Chief Joseph?
When he surrender he vowed, "I will fight no more forever."
Who was George Washington Carver?
He wound more then 300 uses for peanuts.
Who was Jane Addams?
A social worker who began Hull House in Chicago to help people.
Who was Gamuel Gompers?
He founded the American Federation of Labor.
Who was Zebulon Pike?
He explored the Great Plains
Who is a naturalized citizen?
People who were born in a foreign country and were citizens of that country.
What is a monopoly?
Sole control of a entire business.
What subsistence farming?
Grew different crops to take care of the basic needs of the family.
What is commercial farming?
Grow 1 or 2 money make crops to support their family and farm needs.
Who was the Populist Party?
Farmers and working people