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What island chain extends out from the Alaskan peninsula?
Aleutian Island
What are fish ladders?
A series of pools that makes it possible for fish to travel past a dam.
What is permafrost
Ground that stays frozen all year long.
What a tundra?
A cold, treeless plain.
What state leads the nation in farm production.
What's the longest river in Pacific States?
Yukon River
What state consists of a group of eight major islands?
What discovery in 1848 brought many settlers to California?
Why was a pipeline built across Alaska?
To transport oil
What mountain system extends from southern California to norther Washington?
Coast Ranges
What Washington city is the chief link to Alaskan gold fields pipeline?
What city has a large fishing fleet and a major U.S. Naval base?
San Diego
What is the capital of Hawaii?
What's the largest city in Alaska?
What is the largest city in the Pacific region?
Los Angeles
What are some ethnic groups that populate the Pacific states?
whites, Eskimos, Indians, Aleuts, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans
What's the differents in the population in California and Alaska?
California has the most people Alaska has the least and the largest state