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What city does three million people live and it's on Lake Michigan.
What city is the nation's largest inland port. Also the largest city in Missouri.
St. Louis
The capital of the Mormon state. Located on a well-known lake.
Salt Lake City
The "mile-High City" located on the western edge of the great Plains.
What is the largest port city on Lake Erie. It handles coal and iron.
What is the largest city in Wisconsin. Also a major port on Lake Michigan.
The capital of Iowa and a chief center for trade.
Des Moines
What is the Continental Divide?
A high ridge dividing rivers or streams that flow to oposite sides of a continent. In the U.S. it's the Rocky Mountains.
What is a rain shadow.
The condition of dryness that occurs in places that are on the protected side of high mountains.
What city is between Lake Huron and Lake Erie. It's known for automobile industry.
What is the capital of Arizona?
Capital of Ohio and a center for making aircraft, appliances, and mining equipment.
Why is the Colorado River important?
It supplies water and hydroelectric power to people in seven states.
Who are the Navajo?
One of several tribes of Indians living in the Mountain West. The Navajo reservation is the largest in the U.S.
What problems happens with strip mining?
It destroys the land. Without topsoil and plants the earth erodes. Few plants can grow in poor soil. Large areas of land becomes unsightly and of little value.