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Who was trying to find the Indes to buy silks and spices in order to make $$ and spread Christianity for the king and queen of Spain?
Chris Columbus
Columbus landed where and when?
San Salvadore
In 1519 who was trying to discover a passage way at the Southern tip of the USA to shorten travel around the world?
Ferdinand Magelian
In 1519 who conquered the Aztecs and what did he do?
Hernando Cortes
Made Mexico a Colony.
Who was sent by king of Spain to find riches and the passageway Strait of Anin? Did he find it?
what happened to him?
Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo. He never found it.
Strong winds blew off course,
no winds month 2,was the 1st one to see Calif & Indians-found San Diego month 3. had a language barrier.
What was thought to connect the Atlantic and pacific Oceans?
Strait of Anin
During 1519, what spanish ruler choose Cortes to lead an expedition? Where did he set sail from?
Sailed from Cuba to gulf of mexico and met Indians
What did Cortes want more of and where was it?
what happened?
gold located with the Aztecs in Montezuma.
A bloody battle and Cortes won and named the city Mexico City.
Spread the Christain religion.
When did the Queen of england send Drake to America? Why?
to make surprise attacks on Spanish ships and lands in the New World.
What was Sir Francis Drakes route & describe it.
Strait of magellan a narrow waterway at the Southern end of So America. A storm became violent. he burned a ship and one drowned. His ship, the golden Hind survived. He sailed North and plundered and stole gold, silver and jewels.
Where did Drake land in America?
North of San Francisco and he traded with Indians and claimed land for England--new Albion.
In 179 what did Drake do?
headed back to England, took a Western route across the pacific ocean around the So tip of Africa--& was the 1st to sail around the world.
Which man did King Carlos of Spain want from New Spain to go to settle California?
And Who did he take? Where did they go?
Garpar de Portola
Father Serra, Captain rivera and Father Crespi went to San Diego
what did Portola do to make sure Spain stayed in control of their land?
Where did they want to start missions?
Land adn sea expeditions to settle settlements. Soldiers would protect the settlements and padres would start missions and convert Indians to Christians.
San Diego and Monterey
What happened in 1602?
who went with him? What was the route?
Vizcaino was sent to Alta California to search for the Srait of Anian. Soldiers, sailers, Padres and a map maker.
the route was the saem as Cabrillo adn the map maker charted the bays, islands and capes along the coast.
What harbor did Cabrillo name that was changed to another name by Vizcaino? Where were the pine trees that Vizcaino found?What were the Indians like?
San Miguel became San Diego.
the harbor was Monterey and the Indians were friendly & helpful.
What harbor did Viscaino miss wehn he sailed back to new Spain?
San Francisco Bay
How many years after Viscaino returned did the Spanish not sail into Californa harbors?
more than 160 years
What are longitudal lines? what is the main line called? Which way do the lines run?
What are the longitude lines west of the prime meridan marked?
Measures distance west to east of the Prime meridian. The Prime Meridian is the main line of longitude.
From North to South Pole
What are the latitudal lines?
where do they measure distances?
how are latitude lines marked north of the equator?
Lines that run west to east and they measure distances North and South of the equator.
What is the equator line of?
what is the prime meridian a line of?
the line that connects the NO and So pole is called?
International Date line on one side of the earth and on the other is called Prime Meridain
1. What are the continents in the Western hemisphere?
2. What are the Continents in the Eastern Hemisphere?
1. North America, So America Antartica.

2. Africa, Europe, Australia, Antartica, Asia
0* longitude consists of what and what?
What is 0* latitude?
Prime meridian and international date line.
The equator
What is difference between an expedition and a trip?
what is a colony?
Expedition has clear purpose and goal and a trip dopes not.
Land controlled by another country.
What is a Strait?
Name a Strait.
A narrow passage of water connecting 2 larger bodies of water.
Strait of Magellan, Bering Strait