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What is the action of losing all contact with the road and riding on water? What should one do if this occurs?

Slow down gradually - don't apply the brakes.

A. See: Pg. 56
Slow down at the first sign of rain. Ahjust your speed in which ways for each situation:
1.) Wet Road 2.) Packed snow 3.) Ice
1.) Go five to ten miles slower. 2.) Reduce your speed by half.
3.) Slow to a crawl.

A. See: Pg. 56
What are three clues to help you spot slippery roads?
1.) On cold, wet days, shade from trees or buildings can hide spots of ice. These areas freeze first and dry out last.
2.) Bridges and overpasses tend to freeze before the rest of the road does. They can hide spots of ice.
3.) If it starts to rain on a hot day, the pavement can be very slippery for the first several minutes. Heat causes oil in the asphalt to come to the surface. The oil makes the road slippery until it is washed off.
One should drive slower in which places?
1.) In heavy traffic
2.) In shopping centers, parking lots, and downtown areas
3.) On roads with heavy traffic.
4.) When you see brake lights coming on several vehicles ahead of you.
5.) Over narrow bridges and through tunnels.
6.) Through toll plazas
7.) Near schools, playgrounds, and in residential areas.
Does speeding speeding save more than a few minutes in an hour's driving?
What should you do if you begin to skid on a ice or snow?
1.) Ease off the gas pedal
2.) Stop braking and
3.) Turn the steering wheel in the direction of the skid