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On scapha, level w supratragic notch
Pain or hindered movement of shoulder
Shoulder pain
On scapha, superior and medial to Shoulder Joint point
Shoulder Pain
On scapha, above Shoulder pain point
Swelling of the subaxillary lymph glands and other diseases of this region.
Abdominal Wall
On scapha, @ level of Elbow point on border of antehelix and scapha.
Abdominal pain, pain in hypochondrium. renal colic.
Lateral and inferior to the Clavicle point, in the depression on lower margin of scapha
Nephritis, pyelonephritis
Appendix #1, #2, #3
On scapha, top, bottom and midpoint:

#1 mdpt btwn Toe and Finger points
#2 mdpt btwn shoulder and elbow
#3 medial and inferior to Clavicle
On the superior crus of the antehelix, level w the superior border of the inferior crus of the antihelix.
Pain, hinderence
On the superior crus of the antehelix, medial and inferior to the knee joint point.
Popliteal fossa
On the superior crus of the antehelix, medial to the knee point
On the antehelix directly below Popliteal Fossa point.
Low-grade fever
Lower Abdomen
On antehelix, lat and inf to Knee point
P of Low Abd
Tooth Extraction Anesthetic
lobe @ section 1 and section 4
Upper and Lower Palate
Lower is on the lobe @ the ANT, SUP part of section 2 and Upper is @ the POST, INF part of section 2; for d/o of the mouth, jaw teeth and local lymph glands
Face area
An elongated region stretching btwn Eye and Inner Ear on the earlobe; facial paralysis, facial spasm, trigeminal neuralgia, parotitis
Special Tumor Area
A line from Helix #4 to Helix #6 on the lobe; analgesic effect for pain from tumors.
Triangular fossa @ sl above the parting of the two crura of the antihelix; OB/GYN dz, male sexual dysfxn
Pelvic Cavity
Triangular fossa @ lateral angle, near intersection of the SUP and INF crura of the antehelix
Triangular fossa @ btwn Uterus and Pelvic Cavity points
Triangular fossa @ btwn Wheezing and Pelvic Cavity points
Hip Joint
Triangular fossa @ below Hepatitis

There's a Hip Joint Point on either side lateral to Pelvic Cavity point
Triangular fossa @ LAT and INF to Uterus point. Painful menses and inflammation of the adnexa. (Fallopian tubes and ovaries are adnexa of the uterus.)
Triangular fossa a line below Adnexa, along the SUP border of the INF antihelix crus. Constipation and hemorrhoids.
Distal Segment Rectum
Triangular fossa @ INF angle where INF antihelix crus meets the helix. (New)
Urethra (New)
Triangular fossa @ medial to Uterus and near the border of helix (New)
External Genitalia (new)
Triangular fossa @ ANT and SUP to Uterus. Sexual dysfunction, leukorrhea, excessive menstruation.
Proximal Segment Rectum
Triangular fossa @ above (new) Urethra point. Functional disturbance of the colon.
helix crus @ center of cross-hairs ; hemorrhagic skin disorders, hemorrhage, hematological diseases
helix crus @ midpoint btwn Brain and UB; incontinence
helix @ midpoint btwn Distal/Lower Rectum and Urethra; Itching @ anus, fissures, hemorrhoids, prolapse
Tonsil # 1, #2, #3, #4
Mainly on the helix, spaced btwn Ear Apex to Lobe section 8

throat d/o, tonsillitis, pharyngitis

# 1 POST to Ear Apex
#2 @ level of the lower border of the helix crus
#3 @ the tail of the helix @ Helix #4
#4 lobe @ 8
Upper Back
Back of the ear, on lower cartilaginous prominence; Acute sprain of lower back, back pain: pruritis.
Lower Back
On back of the eard on upper cartilaginous prominence; Acute sprain of lower back, back pain: pruritis.
Middle Back
On back of the ear btwn Upper and Lower points. Acute sprain of lower back, back pain: pruritis.
Spinal Cord #1
POST border of superior auricle root; muscle atrophy, paralysis
Spinal Cord #2
SUP border of inferior auricular root; muscle atrophy, paralysis
Yang Linking
LAT and INF to Vagus root point on back of ear @ midpoint btwn Vagus Root point and INF/Lower Root of the Ear point; tinnitus