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What's the word that we use to determine u in the substitution by parts integration.
Log Inverse Algebraic Trig Exponential
What's the formula for Integration by Parts
uv - I{ vdu
If given ∫f(x) from a to b, what is an approximation?
If the function is increasing,the integral lies between (b-a)*f(a) and (b-a)*f(b). If decreasing, it is the opposite.
Which is absolute value, displacement or distance traveled?
Distance traveled. Displacement is the current position.
tan^2(x) = ?
sec^2(x) - 1
What is the derivative of secx and tanx respectively?
sec(x) = sec(x)*tan(x)
tan(x) = sec^2(x)
What are the derivatives of csc(x) and cot(x) respectiviely?
csc(x) = -csc(x)*cot(x)
cot(x) = -csc^2(x)
∫tan(u)du =
ln| sec(u) | + C
∫cot(u)du =
ln| sin(u) | + C
∫sec(u)du =
∫csc(u)du =
ln| sec(u) + tan(u) | + C
ln| csc(u) - cot(u) | + C