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vertical line test
the way to determine whether a graph is a function. it is a function if the line passes through only one point.
for each x there is one y
domain - allowable x values (input)
range - allowable y values (output)
even function
f(x) = f(-x)
odd function
(think y=x3)
f(-x) = -f(x)
Vertical and Horizontal shifts...
f(x)+/-c -> graph moves up/down c units
f(x +/- c) -> graph moved left/right c units
absolute vlue transformation
after moving graphs appropriate units nad direction, have to move anything below x axis above axia
-f(x) -> flips graph around x-axis

f(-x) -> flips graph around y-axis
Stretches and Compressions
cf(x) -> stretches vertically by factor of c
1/c(f(x)) -> compresses v. by c
f(cx) -> compresses horizontally by c
f(1/c x)) -> stretches H. by c