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Calcium Chloride Classification
-Calcium Salt
Calcium Chloride Mechanism of Action
-Fifth most abundant element in body
-Essential for functional integrity of nervous and muscular systems
-Necessary for normal cardiac
contractility and coagulation of blood
-increases force of cardiac contraction(+inotropic effect)
-Antidote for Magnesium sulfate
Calcium Chloride Indications
-Known or suspected acute hyperkalemia
-Calcium Channel blocker toxicty/overdose
-pretreatment for calcium channel blocker admin
-Magnesium toxicity
Calcium Chloride Precautions
-don't give IM or SQ-causes tissue necrosis, sloughing, or abcess
-irrating to veins, may experience pain or burning @ IV site, may c/o heat waves, tingling
-may be accompanied by peripheral vasodilation, with moderate fall in BP
-caution patients taking digitalsis--increases ventricular irritability and can percipate digitalsis toxicity
Calcium Chloride Contraindications
-concurrent digitalis therapy(relative contra)
-kidney stones
Calcium Chloride Speical Considerations
-incompatible with all medications, flush line after giving
-precipitates with sodium bicarbonate (produces chalk)
Calcium Chloride Onset/Duration
-5 to 15 minutes
-duration dependant on dose and total body stores of calcium