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use inverse proportions
used for measurement of solids and liq
metric sys
rx primary sys of measure
fried's rule for infants
dose for infant
age in months x adult dose / 150
clarks rule
dose for child
wgt (lb) x ad / 150
childs dose based on boody surface area
bsa in child (m2)x ad / 1.73 m2
Molarity (M)
# of moles of solute / dissolved in 1 L of soln
Normality (N)
# of equivalents of solute / # of liters of soln
1 equivalent of acid
quantity of that acid supplies or donates 1 mole of H ions
1 equivalent of base
quantity that furnishes 1 mole of OH ion
1 equivalent of acid
reacts with 1 eq of base
equivalent wgt
atomic wgt or MW / valence
molality (m)
moles of solute dissolved per kg of solvent

# of moles of solute/ # of kg of solvent
adv of molality
based on solvent wgt and avoids prob w/ vol expansion or contraction on addition of solutes
mole fraction (x)
ratio of # of moles of 1 component to total moles of a mixture of soln
milliequivalent (meq)
unit used to express the conc of electorlyte in soln
to calculate meq
- find MW
- calculate eq wt of "KCl"
- determine the meq wt w/c is 1/1000 of eq wt
- calculate by dimensional analysis & proportion the conc in percentage
osmotic pressure
directly proportional to toal # of particles in soln
milliosmole (mOsmol)
unit of measure for osmotic conc
1 millimole = 1 milliosmole
total # of particles of soln is determined by the # of particle produced in soln and influenced by degree of dissociation
wt of subs in g/L / MW wgt in g
x # of species
x 1000
conc of inc solute
interaxn between dissolved particles inc -> reduction of actual osmolar values
isotonic soln
same osmotic pressure as body fluid
isoosmotic fluids
fluids w/ same osmotic pressure

adm to pt's
hypotonic soln
dec osmotic pressure than body fluids
hypertonic soln
inc osmotic pressure than body fluids
freeaing pt depression of body fluids
-0.52 degree Celsius
freezing pt of soln
1.86 degree celsius
0.9% NaCl
isotonic fluid
NaCL equivalent
represents the amt of NaCl that is equivalent to the amt of particular drug in question