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Explorer Motives
growind gemand for eastern goods (gold), spirit of adventure (glory), converting heathen populations to christianity (god), & thecnological advances
First exploration (to Portugal) by...
Prince Henry
Prince Henry's nickname
the navigator
Continued Prince Henry's exploration (in Portugal)
King John II
Bartholomew Dias round what cape?
Good Hope
Who reached Calicut, India, when?
Vasco da Gama, 1498
What eliminated the Moslems in the Indian Ocean , when?
Battle of Diu, 1509
Cape of Good Hope was rounded by who?
Bartholomew Dias/ Diaz
What was discovered by an explorer being blown off course?
Who was Brazil discovered by, when?
Pedro Cabral, 1500
Christopher Columbus was named Admiral of the Ocean Blue by who?
Ferdinand and Isabella
1453, country led by who?
Fall of Constantinople, Sultan Mohammed II
christian ruler, discovers mythological christian missionary
Prester John
Wrote Travels
Marco Polo
Marco Polo traved to where?
Columbus' 3 ships
Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria
When did Columbus sail the ocean blue?
Christopher Columbus discovered what in 1496, which became the 1st permanent settlement in "mundus novus"?
Santo Domingo
Mondus Novus was named for who?
Americo Vespucci
Discovered Mondus Novus & then named it after Americo.
Martin Waldseemuller
Line of Demarcation formed when, by who, what is it?
1493, Alexander VI, Left Portugal out of New World
Treaty of Tordesillas, when, what?
1494. Settled dispute w/ Spain and Portugal. Made Brazil part of Portugal's sector.
What did conquistadors do?
Bring horses to new world
Juan Ponce de Leon discovered what by looking for what?
Looked for Fountain of Youth found Florida
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Discovered South Sea after crossing isthmus of Panama
Ferdinand Magellan
began first circumnavigation of globe, didnt make it, discovered Philippines
Wrote Magellan's journal
Antonio Pigafetta
Hernando Cortes
Conquered Aztec Emp.
favorable balance of trade
Hernando Cortes,when?
Conquered Aztec Empire, 1519
native girl of Tenochtitlan
Montezuma people believed that Cortes was who?
Quetzacoatl, God
Francisco Pizarro
Conquered Inca Empire, conquered Peru
Hernando De Soto, when
Discovered Mississippi River, 1541
Francisco de Coronado
Looked for 7 cities of Cibola, discovered grand canyon
Pedro De Aviles, when?
Established St. Augustine, Fl. in 1565
oldest city in us
st. augustine, fl
Bartholomew de las Casas
Father of the Indians
John Cabot, when?
traveled to newfoundland, nova scotia, and new england
in 1497
Henry Hudson
Discovered Hudson River and Bay and Northwest Passage
Francis Drake
2nd circumnavigation of globe, greatest of the "sea dogs"
Walter Raleigh, when
Established Lost Colony of Roanoke, 1587.
First Permanent settlement in America
James Cook
Explored Pacific Islands 1768-1779
Giovanni Verrazano
explored N. A. for France
Jacques Cartier
discovered St. Lawrence River for France
Samuel de Champlain, when?
Founded Quebec in 1608
Coureur des bois
rover of the forest, fur trappers
Jacques Marquette & Louis Joliet
Explored Upper Mississippi River
Robert de La Salle
Discovered route from great lakes to gulf of mexico via mississippi river
Peter Minuit
bought manhattan island from indians
New Products
Cocoa, tea, coffee, sugar, vanilla, tobacco, potatoes, tomatoes, corn, turkey, quinine, and opium
Bonus for finished products/subsidies
Stock and Insurance companies
were established
Pierre d'Ailly
wrote imago mundi
Fernando Magellan
Began 1st circumnavigation of globe
Sabastian del Cano
1st to cicle globe
Antonio Pigafetta
Wrote journal of Magellan