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fors, fortis, f.
offero, offerre, obtuli, oblatus, irreg.
to offer, present
oratio, orationis, f.
pristinus, -a, -um
original, former, earlier
neu, conj.
nor, and... not
telum, -i, n.
item, adv.
likewise, in the same way
adigo, adigere, adegi, adactus
to drive, throw, hurl
exiguitas, exiguitatis, f.
shortness, shortage
dimico, are, avi, atus
to fight
non modo.... sed etiam, conj.
not only... but also
insigne, insignis, n.
mark, badge
accomodo, are, avi, atus
to put on, attach
galea, ae, f.
tegimentum, i, n.
covering, wrapping
consisto, ere, constiti
to stop, to take up position
dimitto, dimittere, dimisi, dimissus
to send away, to lose, to let slip away
conspicio, ere, conspexi, conspectus
to catch sight of, see
detraho, ere, detraxi, detractus
to draw off, take away, remove
devenio, ire, deveni, deventurus
to come
impero, are, avi, atus
to order
induo, ere, indui, indutus
to put on
longus, a, um
occurro, ere, occurri, occursurus + dat.
to meet, come upon
paratus, a, um
prepared, ready
retineo, ere, retinui, retentus
to retain, keep
sustineo, ere, sustinui, sustentus
to hold up, to withstand
cohortatio, cohortationis, f.
exhortation, address
urgeo, urgere, ursi
to press hard
confertus, a, um
crowded together, closely packed
signifer, signiferi, m.
standard bearer
amitto, amittere, amisi, amissus
to send away, let go, let loose
p. sextius baculus, i, m.
publius sextius baculus
conficio, conficere, confeci, confectus
to complete, exhaust, overcome
tardus, a, um
slow, lagging, hanging back
novissimi, orum, m. pl.
the newly recruited, rearguard
desero, deserere, deserui, desertus
to leave, abandon, desert
inferior, inferior, inferius, gen.=inferioris
subeo, subire, subii, subiturus, irreg.
to come up (to), approach
intermitto, intermittere, intermisi, intermissus
to leave off, stop, cease
latus, lateris, n.
side, flank
insto, are, institi, instaturus
to press forward
augustum, i, n
confined space, crisis, critical moment
summitto, summittere, summisi, summissus
to send as help
nominatim, adv.
by name
manipulus, i, n
laxo, are, avi, atus
to widen, spread out
redintegro, are, avi, atus
to renew or revive
extremus, a, um
extreme, extremely dangerous
extremis suis
personaly perilous, life threatening
opera, operae, f.
work, task
navo, are, avi, atus
to devote oneself to
operam navare
to join in fully, go all out
tardo, are, avi, atus
to slow down, hinder, check
adventus, us
cohors, cohortis, cohortium, f.
confero, conferre, contuli, collatus, irreg.
to bring together, to gather
cupio, ere, cupivi, cupitus
to desire, wish, want
duodecimus, a, um
excedo, ere, excessi, excessus
to go out, depart, withdraw
frons, frontis, frontium, f.
gravis, is, e
heavy, serious
novus, a, um
paulum, adv.
a little, somewhat
ullus, a, um
vir, viri, m.
vulnus, vulneris, n.
iuxta, adv.
coniungo, coniungere, coniunxi, coniunctus
to join together, connect
converto, convertere, converti, conversus
to turn, wheel around
quo facto
after this was done
cum aliis alii
since they ....... to each other
aversus, a, um
turned away, with ones back turned
with their backs to the enemy
circumvenio, circumvenire, circumveni, circumventus
to surround
novissimus, a, um
most recent, last in position
novissimum agmen
the rear line, the rear
cursus, us, m
running, speed, step
cursu incitato
with a quickened sttep, at full speed
t. labienus, i, m.
titus labienus
potior, potiri, potitus sum + abl
to take position of, capture
conspicor, conspicari, conspicatus sum
to catch sight of, notice, see
qui cum
and when they
calo, calonis, m.
camp servant
alii... alii
some... others
audax, audacis
incito, are, avi, atus
to spur on, drive forward
moneo, ere, ui, itus
to advise, to instruct
resisto, ere, restiti
to resist
septimus, a, um
summus, a, um
highest, greatest, the top of
horum adventu
of the tenth legion
commutatio, commutationis, f.
change, reversal, turnaround
procumbo, procumbere, porcubui, procubiturus
to fal down, collapse
innitor, inniti, innixus sum + abl.
to lean on, support oneself
inermis, is, e
without weapons, unarmed
occurro, occurrere, occurri, occursurus + dat.
to rush against, attack
turpitudo, turpitudinis, f.
shame, disgrace
praefero, praeferre, praetuli, praelatus, irreg.
to carry in front
se praeferre + dat.
to surpass, outperform, outfight
extremus, a, um
last, final
praesto, praestare, praestiti, praeststus
to excel, exhibit, display
insisto, insistere, institi + dat.
to stand on
deicio, deicere, deieci, deiectus
to throw down, kill
coacervo, are, avi, atus
to pile up
supersum, superesse, superfui, irreg.
to be left, remain, survive
tumulus, i, m.
mound, hill
intecipio, intercipere, intercepi, interceptus
to catch in flight, retrieve, pick up
nequiquam, adv.
in vain, without cause
iniquus, a, um
uneven, unfavorable
redigo, redigere, redegi, redactus
to drive back, render, make
altus, a, um
tall, high, steep
ascendo, ere, ascendi, ascensus
to climb
cadaver, cadaveris, n.
dead body
cado, ere, cecidi, casus
to fall, to die, to be killed
debeo, ere, debui, debitus
to owe, ought, should, must
deleo, ere, delevi, deletus
to destroy, remove
difficilis, is, e
facilis, is, e
iaceo, ere, iacui, iaciturus
to lie
latus, a, um
broad, wide
perterreo, ere, ui, itus
to terrify, greatly alarm
remitto, ere, remisi, remissus
to send back, throw